Reliance on the Basics Benefits the Horse and Farrier

Hank Chisholm urges reliance on the foundations of farriery for the good of the horse

When building a house, a solid foundation first must be established to ensure that the structure remains sound for continued long-term use. The same is true for farriery.
Yet, humans are in a hurry. We often want to run before learning to walk. In farrier terms, some want to forge a three-quarter fullered shoe before learning to bend a toe. After shoeing for nearly 40 years, Hank Chisholm of Lucedale, Miss., emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation in the basics of farriery and then relying on it for the rest of your career.

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Are Equine Hoof Wear and Teeth Linked?

Opinions vary about whether a correlation exists between dentistry and hoof balance

Is there a connection between equine tooth alignment and hoof balance? Less than 2 decades ago, discussions surrounding the possibility emerged. Opinions on the topic are mixed. 

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Horse Foot Balance is Verified

Scientific research easily defines and proves hoof balance is understood

Recently it has become popular for some farrier and veterinary clinicians to speak of horse foot balance as “not easily definable,” “not well understood,” and even “controversial.” They apparently are unaware of the vast body of published empirical evidence and scientific research verifying the principles of balance. Or, they have chosen to ignore such and have a favorite shoe or technique they desire to sell that is based upon an unsubstantiated idea.

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Shoeing for a Living

Arabian Show Horse Farrier Plays the Angles

Oregon farrier Zach Morris keeps mounts sound through challenges of shoeing rules and conformational faults

These are busy days for Zach Morris.
The Lyons, Ore., farrier is logging significant miles — both on the road and in the air — as several of his clients will be making the trek to Tulsa, Okla., for the United States National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show. With a little more than 2 weeks before the show, Morris has his work cut out for him.

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