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Briefings: December 2020

Get Your Affairs in Order Regardless of your age or financial circumstances, everyone needs an estate plan. Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy, an estate planning attorney and co-founder of Horn & Johnsen SC in Madison, Wis., recommends that farriers having at least the following basic estate planning documents in place:
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2020 Farrier Business Success Academy

9 Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your Business

A panel of business professionals shares key insights, strategies and advice during the 2020 Farrier Business Success Academy
Finding and maintaining happy footcare clients is critical for operating a successful farriery business. A panel of seasoned business professionals will share key insights, strategies and advice to help you find, manage and keep happy clients.
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Will Insurers Require Farrier Liability Coverage?

Increasingly, insurance companies want farriers to carry a liability policy to work in their customers’ barns
Even with new products filling supply shop shelves every year and initiatives in farrier-based scientific research, the farrier industry isn’t one for swift and universal change. Lexi Barron says insurance is somewhat similar. The Snohomish, Wash., attorney and insurance broker notes that the insurance industry can be old fashioned. But old-fashioned doesn’t mean that impactful changes don’t occur.
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Make Shoeing for a Vet Clinic Worth Your While

Prepare for the ups and downs to make your venture successful
Working in a clinical veterinary setting is much different than a normal day-to-day shoeing practice, and it poses interesting challenges that aren’t present in your normal life. Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, once said, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.” This quote is appropriate for the topic and we can break it down into two different parts.
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The Success Mindset Can Improve a Farrier’s Career

Colorado farrier explains how the future of your practice hinges on your approach
The mindset with which you approach your hoof-care practice can often be the difference between fulfillment or frustration with your chosen career. Many successful people in various career fields have adopted a positive mindset. When this mindset is developed early and followed regularly, it tends to allow beginning farriers the courage to try new things, learn from experiences and approach their chosen trade without being controlled by fear of the unknown.
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2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 13th annual event.



Western States Farriers Association End of the Year Meeting

Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School
5225 Carbondale Rd.
Plymouth, CA
United States
Contact: TeaLa Yohe
The Western States Farriers Association is hosting its End of the Year Meeting on Dec. 12-13, 2020, at Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in Plymouth, Calif. Clinicians are Brian Bonnel, Alex Garcia, Tiffany Gardner and Laura Langfitt. Read More

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