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Farrier’s Trailer Built by the Next Generation

Texas horseshoer Don Mock hauls a slick, functional trailer that was built by teenage brothers as a school project
Don Mock started his shoeing career in 1972, skipping his high school graduation ceremony to begin his farrier business. Shoeing for nearly 50 years, he has decreased his workload to several days a month, keeping his practice near his home in Denton, Texas. He primarily works at a large jumper barn with farrier Jarrett Bros.
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Online Hoof-Care Classrooms

Introduction to Lameness Measurement for Professional Farriers

Dr. Kevin Keegan, equine surgeon, professor at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, and inventor of the Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator will host a discussion on inertial sensor-based lameness measurement for farriers. Dr. Keegan will cover the biomechanical model and method used in Lameness Locator, an overview of data interpretation, and how lameness measurement can be used to quantify improvement and track changes over time to optimize case management.
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Badass Rigs & Trailers: Small Trailer Adds to Career Longevity

Using smaller trailers has saved wear and tear to lengthen Indiana farrier’s shoeing career
Several years ago, Danvers Child didn’t want a new rig. His reasons were justified. A new body or trailer never made the buyer a better farrier after driving it from the manufacturer’s shop. Shoeing since 1972, Child felt with the years remaining in his career, he wouldn’t earn a return on the investment into such an expensive purchase.
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Hoof Boots Prove Another Option to Help the Horse

Hoof boots are one of many useful tools available to hoof-care practitioners. But like most tools, they must be used properly and for the correct job to provide a positive outcome. I work mainly in Spain and find the most common mistakes are made by owners who are not used to hoof boots. Those can easily be avoided by working with a professional hoof-care provider, boot fitter, or experienced farrier who can serve as a guide and teacher.

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Veterinarian-Farrier Roundtable

University of Illinois Large Animal Hospital, Ward 4
1102 W. Hazelwood Dr.
Urbana, IL
United States
The University of Illinois is hosting a veterinarian-farrier roundtable in Urbana. Read More

Arkansas Professional Farriers Association Clinic

Arkansas State University Beebe Farm
1000 W. Iowa St.
Beebe, AR
United States
Contact: Todd Bell or Jordan Sullivan
The Arkansas Professional Farriers Association is hosting a clinic in Beebe. Read More


Crossroads Farrier Supply Clinic

Crossroads Farrier Supply
67 Rollins Ln
Louisa, VA
United States
Contact: Anita Leckie
Crossroads Farrier Supply is hosting a clinic in Louisa. Read More

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