What Does A Barrel Horse Need To Succeed?
Clients, Disciplines & Breeds, Lamenesses, Shoeing, Trimming

What Does A Barrel Horse Need To Succeed?

Every barrel-racing client has a singular personality. Each one will want something different from a farrier, and often what is valued most will vary from horse to horse. Lindsay HaroldBouquillon is the kind of client whom farriers wish they had more of in their shoeing book. The Oxford, Conn., barrel racer is a horsewoman who has been riding most of her life.

News & Notes

  • Prosthetic Leg Gives Horse Second Chance

    Four-year-old Bet On A Star will run again after losing his hoof, reports WPTV. Better known as “81,” this Quarter Horse will be fitted with a prosthetic device near the end of 2018. After Hurricane Irma hit his barn in August 2017, 81 was stranded in standing water for days. A cut on his ankle became infected with a waterborne disease, which later led to complications, and as a result, he lost a hoof.
  • U.K. Farrier Loses Workshop, Horses To Suspected Arson

    A terrible tragedy has struck near Distington, U.K. On Sept. 8, 2018, a barn fire robbed Paul Johnston of his family’s horses and dog, as well as most of his farriery equipment. Johnston, 67, had brought the horses in that night to protect them from the elements. Among them were a mare and her 4-week-old foal.
  • Disagreements On Shoeing Prescriptions | When To Train A Horse To Stand

    This week's facts and figures... What Do You Do When You Think A Vet’s Shoeing Prescription Won't Help The Horse? If You Are Willing To Train A Horse To Stand For Hoof-Care, When Do You Do It? This edition of Farrier Facts & Figures is brought to you by Markel Insurance Co.
  • UPDATE: Minnesota Pony Farm Owner Faces Allegations Of Neglect

    A pony farm in Odin, Minn., is under investigation after allegations of abuse led to 71 horses being removed from the property.
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From the Desk of AFJ

  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Professionalism Doesn’t Cost Much

    In every Farrier Business Practices Survey that we have conducted (including the upcoming 2018 edition), more than 90% of working farriers have at least one backyard horse client. Because of this, backyard horses are called the backbone of the industry.
  • Dick-Fanguy.jpg

    Work Wisely With An Eye On The Future

    A few years ago, my bad back ended my ability to get under horses. I still help other farriers shoe horses, but I don’t get under them anymore. My back was not injured from horses. It was ruined by crawling in and out of trucks to get what I needed — from having an inefficient rig. I hurt myself more by lifting anvils than I ever did picking up a horse’s foot. When you’re short as I am, you have to get it way above belt level to get it back into the truck.
  • Jeff_Cota.png

    Canada Vet Law Underscores U.S. Farriers’ Call To Retain Exemption

    When the American Veterinary Medical Association proposed eliminating the farrier exemption from its Model Veterinary Practice Act, the hoof-care industry’s response was resoundingly unfavorable.
  • Jeff_Cota

    Don’t Forget To Protect Yourself

    Most farriers complete each day having accomplished what they set out to do — helping horses. Then there are days when things go sideways and the plan goes out the window.

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In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by American Equus, Editor Jeremy McGovern spoke with Dick Fanguy, CJF, who previously served as American Farrier’s Association president. He remains involved with the industry by consulting with farrier cases and representing Stonewell Bodies.

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Dr. James Orsini, Director of the Laminitis Institute at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center, presents the latest research and practical approaches to dealing with laminitis — equine’s most dreaded disease.

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