Who Are You Working For?
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Who Are You Working For?

Tom Rock, like other farriers, is a strong advocate of pursuing hobbies and interests outside of the equine world. He’s a knowledgeable farrier and a solid horseman, but says if you don’t “get away” from it once in a while, you’ll burn out. The Wadsworth, Ill., farrier has a few pursuits outside of farriery to relax — chief among these being golf.

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  • California Bill Takes Aim at Horse Racing Safety

    After three more horses died in the New Year at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, Calif., state Sen. Bill Dodd has introduced his second legislation in an effort to improve safety in horse racing.
  • Medical Insurance | Ill-Mannered Horses

    This week's facts and figures ... With Safety Concerns, Medical Insurance is Critical and How Farriers Deal with Poorly Behaved Horses. This edition of Farrier Facts & Figures is brought to you by Markel Insurance Co.
  • Protect, Prevent and Strengthen with Hoof Doctor

    Strong hooves are the foundation of a healthy horse. Without solid feet, a horse can’t live a comfortable life in the performance arena or in the pasture. There are many reasons horses have weak hooves. It could be bad genetics, a congenital issue, nutritional imbalance or unsanitary living conditions.
  • Lameness Issues | Popular Pads

    This week's facts and figures ... Among Horses that Farriers Worked with in the Past Year, 24% had Lameness Issues Other than Laminitis and Most Frequently Used Pad Style. This edition of Farrier Facts & Figures is brought to you by Markel Insurance Co.
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  • Jeff_Cota

    WCB Polishing Up World Championship Crown for 2020

    It’s been 5 years since a world champion farrier was last crowned in Calgary, Alberta. The good news is there will be a new one in 2020.
  • No Matter the Path a Young Farrier Takes, the Learning Curve is Steep

    There are many paths to take to becoming a farrier. There is no right or wrong path to take. As a young person getting started, they say a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. I’m going to tell you about my first step and journey from school to a year into my apprenticeship.
  • Frank_Lessiter.png

    Without a Will, Who’ll Get Your Shoeing Rig?

    When Aretha Franklin, Howard Hughes and Prince died without having bothered to create a legal will, they left their huge estates in a disastrous legal mess. While a farrier’s assets and property aren’t likely to be anywhere close to the value of what these three well-known individuals left behind, you want the legal protection that can be yours by taking a few hours to pull together a needed legal document.
  • Let's wait until spring

    Let’s Wait Until Spring

    The words felt like wads of cotton in my mouth — thick, difficult to swallow. I could barely spit them out: “Neal, should I put her down?” “Neal” is my farrier, Neal Martin; “her” is Annie, my defiant, independent little rescue pony. Neal’s answer: “Let’s wait until spring.”

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A Conversation with Travis Burns

In this episode, brought to you by HorseLinc, Executive Editor Jeremy McGovern talks with Travis Burns about his work at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, his work with the American’Farrier’s Association and his path to becoming a farrier.

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Progressive Options for the Treatment and Management of Hoof Capsule Distortions

Sponsored by: SoundHorse

Farriers are often challenged in managing the various hoof capsule distortions that horses present. Stuart Muir, a resident farrier at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., reviews some successful strategies he has employed in addressing distortions. His presentation focuses on modern and unique tools that farriers can consider for the horses they work with.

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2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

This annual report is your personal guide for monitoring the trends and economic changes affecting the farrier industry. You’ll gain insight into the equine industry and discover how your farrier business compares to others by getting a glimpse at yearly farrier income growth, what farriers are charging, how farriers are funding retirement, where they are obtaining footcare product information, and much more!

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Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

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Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

The latest edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips features a plethora of valuable advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Each was interviewed on various topics they thought every farrier should know; such as how to find hoof-care business success, steps for effectively shoeing horses, bridging the communication gap between veterinarians and farriers, and much more!

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Red Flags For Farriers

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