'I'm Living My Dream'
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'I'm Living My Dream'

How many of us are lucky enough to be doing exactly what we’ve wanted to do since we were kids?

News & Notes

  • American Farrier's Association Announces New Leadership

    The American Farrier's Association has announced a new executive director will be taking the helm. Martha Jones comes to the AFA having spent nearly her entire career in trade association management.
  • Retracted Soles an Unfortunate Side Effect of Wet Weather

    As much of the country experiences one of the wettest years on record, it's taking a toll on horses' feet. In fact, Dr. Scott Morrison, the head of the podiatry department at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., told Paulick Report that he has seen more cases of retracted soles this year than any year previous.
  • Doug Figgs’ Two-Pronged Career Suits Him Just Fine

    Doug Figgs has to stretch in the morning. It helps loosen him up for a full day of shoeing horses. Or maybe for a day tending to his cattle. Possibly for a day of traveling capped off with an evening performance. Regardless, there's a big day ahead.
  • Hoof Capsule Characteristics | Thoroughbred Mares

    This week’s facts and figures... What Hoof Capsule Characteristics Most Impact Training, Shoeing? Fewer Thoroughbred Mares Being Bred. This edition of Farrier Facts & Figures is brought to you by Markel Insurance Co.
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From the Desk of AFJ

  • Let's wait until spring

    Let’s Wait Until Spring

    The words felt like wads of cotton in my mouth — thick, difficult to swallow. I could barely spit them out: “Neal, should I put her down?” “Neal” is my farrier, Neal Martin; “her” is Annie, my defiant, independent little rescue pony. Neal’s answer: “Let’s wait until spring.”
  • Frank_Lessiter.png

    More than a Century Later, Feds Terminate Horseshoe Antitrust Case

    While most everyone recognizes the federal bureaucracy moves slowly, the Department of Justice may hold the record as it brings an end to some of its long-open cases regarding monopolistic practices and unfair competition.
  • PAST Act

    PAST Act Gets a Boost in the U.S. House

    Since the introduction of the first Prevent All Soring Tactics Act in 2013, the legislation has received remarkable support in both houses of Congress, only to die in committee. Yet, a rule change could finally bring a vote on a bill that aims to significantly change farriery of gaited horses such as Tennessee Walkers.
  • Brian Hyodo

    Answering the Question that All Farriers Dread

    I love the animals I support. It’s like they are mine. They are close, trusting friends who afford me courtesy, respect and love every time they allow me to eliminate their first line of defense — running — when they give me their foot.

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A Conversation With Doyle Blagg

In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by GE Forge & Tool, Editor Jeremy McGovern spoke with Hall of Fame farrier Doyle Blagg, who built a reputation beyond the Lone Star state by shoeing at the highest levels of various Quarter Horse disciplines.

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Progressive Options for the Treatment and Management of Hoof Capsule Distortions

Sponsored by: SoundHorse

Farriers are often challenged in managing the various hoof capsule distortions that horses present. Stuart Muir, a resident farrier at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., reviews some successful strategies he has employed in addressing distortions. His presentation focuses on modern and unique tools that farriers can consider for the horses they work with.

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Supplier Guide

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Red Flags For Farriers

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The Horse's of Assateague Island

The Horse's of Assateague Island

See the hooves and feet of the wild horses from the Assateague Island National Seashore – a wet environment located along the southern border of Maryland and the northern border of Virginia. Examined in this detailed 24-page photo essay is a collection of 12 wild horses that died of natural causes or accidental death at the hands of humans between 2006 and 2014.
Critical Concerns When Making Traction Decisions

Critical Concerns When Making Traction Decisions

Too much or too little traction can lead to poor performance or even catastrophic injury. This insightful 16-page report explores the positive and negative effects of adding traction devices to shoes so you can avoid any detrimental outcomes.
Top Tips To Improve Your Farrier Practice Today

Top Tips To Improve Your Farrier Practice Today

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