The Farrier and Radiographs
Education, Therapeutic Shoeing

The Farrier and Radiographs

Digital radiographs allow "stall-side" imagery that farriers and veterinarians can read within seconds, as farrier/veterinarian Raul Bras of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital did on a Lexington, Ky., Thoroughbred farm in this photo.

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Farrier Videos

From the Desk of AFJ

  • Brian Hyodo

    Answering the Question that All Farriers Dread

    I love the animals I support. It’s like they are mine. They are close, trusting friends who afford me courtesy, respect and love every time they allow me to eliminate their first line of defense — running — when they give me their foot.
  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    The Legacy of Change

    In the April 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal, we celebrate the legacy of Hall of Fame farrier John Marino, who passed away in March 2019. As you will see in the article in this issue, he had a tremendous impact on the farriers who knew him. He had a lengthy horseshoeing career that took him from the East Coast to the Lone Star State.
  • Stretch

    He Was My Best Teacher

    Our most important lessons as farriers often are learned through that one horse. These cases deliver an education that can’t be duplicated in any classroom. For me, that horse was Stretch. 
  • Jeff_Cota.png

    Pacific Northwest Farrier Programs Facing the Axe

    It seems that primary farrier education is under fire in the Pacific Northwest.

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Reintroduction of the Horse to Mainland North America: The Horse Before 1519

In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by Castle Plastics, listen to a discussion with Dr. Deb Bennett on the horse in North American before the conquest of the Aztecs.

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The American Farriers Journal podcast is brought to you by Castle Plastics

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Measuring The Hoof In Radiographs And Photographs

Sponsored by: EponaMind

Farriers and veterinarians who wish to collect good data on the cases they see should consider getting to the next level in how they photograph and radiograph the hoof. In this webinar replay, EponaMind Vice President John Craig teaches you how to take effective photographs and radiographs of the hoof, the basics of image calibration, how artificial intelligence is here to do the work for you and more. 

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Supplier Guide

This special digital compilation is a resource you can turn to time and again during the year as you evaluate your many choices in our vibrant hoof-care industry. Additional features will continue to be added throughout the year, so check back often to stay up-to-date!

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Red Flags For Farriers

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The Horse's of Assateague Island

The Horse's of Assateague Island

See the hooves and feet of the wild horses from the Assateague Island National Seashore – a wet environment located along the southern border of Maryland and the northern border of Virginia. Examined in this detailed 24-page photo essay is a collection of 12 wild horses that died of natural causes or accidental death at the hands of humans between 2006 and 2014.
Critical Concerns When Making Traction Decisions

Critical Concerns When Making Traction Decisions

Too much or too little traction can lead to poor performance or even catastrophic injury. This insightful 16-page report explores the positive and negative effects of adding traction devices to shoes so you can avoid any detrimental outcomes.
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Top Tips To Improve Your Farrier Practice Today

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