Treating Soft-Tissue Injuries

Treating Soft-Tissue Injuries

Although farriery overtly deals with the structures of the hoof capsule, a farrier may be involved with soft tissue injuries of the limb at any stage — from identification through rehabilitation. The term “soft tissue” technically includes any tissue that is not bone or horn: nerve, blood vessels, skin, subcutis, muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, bursa, cartilage or fat.

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  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Proposed Horse Protection Act Changes Could Hurt Farriers More Than Help Horses

    I attended Catholic grade school when corporal punishment inflicted by nuns was still permitted. Throughout my time in kindergarten to grade 8, there was one particular nun whose apparent fondness for punishment made her stand out from the rest. She had tactics that would make an Abu Gharib prison guard blush.
  • Frank_Lessiter.png

    Helping Save A Draft Horse Breed

    A few weeks ago, I learned Karene Topp had passed away. She had served for more than 4 decades as secretary/treasurer of the American Cream Draft Horse Association.
  • Jeff_Cota.png

    Is Copper A Fad Or Innovation?

    White line disease and other bacteria-related hoof ailments could wreak absolute havoc on an equine foot. As such, there are a number of products on the market claiming to remedy the problem with various degrees of success.
  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Farrier Fellowship Comes To The Bluegrass State

    There never can be too many opportunities for bridging the farrier community. Too many divisions exist, and these are sometimes based in perception rather than reality. Nothing just happens to generate unity — it takes the efforts of those within the industry to accomplish this.

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Improve Your Efficiency And Effectiveness With Hand Tools

Sponsored by: G.E. Forge & Tool 
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2016
Time: 7:30 p.m. CDT
Cost: FREE!

Tool expert Josh Garner from G.E. Forge & Tool shares quick and easy tips on maintenance, usage and modifications that will result in longer lives and better practices with the tools you use every day.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Using Hoof Boots

Sponsored by: EasyCare

Parkersburg, Pa., farrier and owner of Daisy Haven Farm, Daisy Bicking, shares experience-tested ideas that you can implement into your footcare work for avoiding and overcoming common mistakes in the selection and application of hoof boots.  [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with free user account.]

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Top Tips To Improve Your Farrier Practice Today

Top Tips To Improve Your Farrier Practice Today

Glean handy and highly practical advice from top hoof-care professionals you can put to immediate use. You'll find tips for maximizing the life of your tools, best practice guidelines for dealing with laminitis, proven strategies for finding and keeping the right clients, pearls of wisdom from veteran hoof-care professionals and so many more!
Scientific Horseshoeing

Scientific Horseshoeing

This special hard cover reprint of a rare edition of Ohio farrier and Professor William Russell's Scientific Horseshoeing is rooted in practical knowledge and careful study of anatomy. You'll find that the book remains astonishingly applicable to many of today's toughest footcare challenges, providing practical solutions for hundreds of hoof-care concerns in 384 pages containing over 600 detailed illustrations.
Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

These four great resources provide you with a solid anatomical foundation critical for effective equine footcare. This package delivers a deeper understanding of how your trim and shoes will affect the inner structure of the hoof including the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
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