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Pressure Plate Analysis Measures Dynamic Weight Distribution

Pressure Plate Analysis Measures Dynamic Weight Distribution

Human medicine and athletic stores rely on visual maps to recommend orthotics or sneaker styles based on a person’s gait. Pressure plates measure how an individual distributes their weight as they walk or run and converts that data into a graphic interpretation. That information is used to pair the right support or shoe style for specific gait pattern or abnormality to reduce the risk for injury.

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  • Cliff Carroll

    Cliff Carroll Winds Down His “Enjoyable Adventure” in Farriery

    It's been quite a journey for Cliff Carroll. He's been a jack-of-all-trades in the shoeing industry for more than a half-century — a farrier, supply shop owner, tool innovator and manufacturer. Now, the Larkspur, Colo., farrier is preparing for the next chapter of his life.
  • PCHS v California teaching

    Farrier School’s “Lawsuit is About So Much More than Horseshoeing”

    Esteban Narez wants to learn how to properly trim and shoe a horse. Bob Smith of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School wants to teach Narez how to do it. It’s a simple and mutually beneficial arrangement, at least until the state of California enters the picture.
  • Follow the 'Golden Rule' When Setting Your Footcare Prices

    When it comes to setting prices, everyone has a different approach. Advertising copywriter and marketing consultant Bob Bly follows the golden rule that says you should do unto others as you want others to do unto you. What hoof-care pricing structure do you follow?
  • Chicago Horse & Carriage

    Chicago Carriage Horse Foes’ Claims Ring Hollow

    In a time when small businesses across the country are struggling for survival amidst a global pandemic, Chicago is celebrating the imminent death of one of its long-time taxpayers — the carriage horse industry.

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A Conversation with Robin "RT" Goodrich

In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, Executive Editor Jeremy McGovern chats with AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier Robin "RT" Goodrich.

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2019 Innovators Guide

On behalf of the American Farriers Journal team, we’re pleased to bring you the 2019 Farrier Industry Innovators — a unique guide that highlights the people and stories behind the companies that provide innovative solutions for the hoof care problems of today and tomorrow.

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2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

This annual report is your personal guide for monitoring the trends and economic changes affecting the farrier industry. You’ll gain insight into the equine industry and discover how your farrier business compares to others by getting a glimpse at yearly farrier income growth, what farriers are charging, how farriers are funding retirement, where they are obtaining footcare product information, and much more!

Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

It requires a team to care for the horse. This special 34-page report is your guide for building better working relationships with farriers for the health of the horse. In this report for equine veterinarians, gain insight about the farrier industry and helpful advice from equine veterinarians on how they start and maintain strong working relationships with farriers.

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

The latest edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips features a plethora of valuable advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Each was interviewed on various topics they thought every farrier should know; such as how to find hoof-care business success, steps for effectively shoeing horses, bridging the communication gap between veterinarians and farriers, and much more!

Red Flags For Farriers

Red Flags For Farriers

This incredibly detailed 62-page report features detailed information on a variety of areas that hoof-care professionals have reported as impediments to the success of their business, challenges in their everyday hoof-care work and threats to the health of their horses’ feet. From posture problems to recognizing when to fire a client, this report will provide you with tips and advice to get your hands around minor issues early, before they escalate into major ones.

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