Advice on Shoeing Hunters and Jumpers with Dick Becker

Advice on Shoeing Hunters and Jumpers with Dick Becker

At 74, Dick Becker isn’t talking retirement. While contemporaries might look to call it a day, Becker dismisses retirement for now, saying he isn’t interested in playing golf. Instead, he still finds motivation working with horses and clients. Especially at his age, there is a difference between shoeing because you want to and shoeing because you have to.

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  • Hair cut

    Thank You for the Haircut, Walt

    Nearly a half-century ago, a young man took a chance on himself by leaving a well-paying job in the steel mills of Gary, Ind., to learn how to shoe horses.
  • PCHS Lawsuit

    Farrier School Prevails in Constitutional Fight with California

    The white flag is flying over the Capitol of one of the most powerful states in the Union after a horseshoeing school provided a lesson in Constitutional freedoms.
  • Eye Protection

    Don’t Gamble with Your Eyes

    “My eye burst and all the fluid was running down my face.” Kent, England, farrier Charlie Madden had just suffered one of the worst injuries that a London eye specialist had ever seen.
  • Mileage tax

    U.S. Eyes New Road Use Tax

    Federal fuel taxes likely will remain static for at least another year, but the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that the United States Senate recently approved indicates changes are on the horizon.

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South African Farrier Discusses the Role of 3D Printing

South African farrier Derek Poupard discusses the role of 3D printing in his hoof-care practice at Godolphin Stables in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Poupard was featured in the April 2021 issue of American Farriers Journal.


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45 Memorable Articles from the History of American Farriers Journal

45 Memorable Articles from the History of American Farriers Journal

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Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

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