Use Calipers to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy When Punching Nail Holes

Use Calipers to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy When Punching Nail Holes

Training your eye is one of the most important skills you will learn as a farrier. It’s also one of the skills for which time has no substitute. Fortunately, new and veteran farriers alike have a variety of measurement tools that can serve as a guide, whether you’re at a barn earning your living or at a competition honing your shoemaking skills.

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  • Ian Davies

    We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know About the Hoof

    One thing that is consistent across every specialized field is that overconfidence can quickly develop in practitioners and have disastrous consequences for others. This is especially true when it comes to professions that provide care for others, such as doctors, vets and even farriers.
  • Always Dreaming About the Amatos’ Big Shoes

    Thoroughbred racing is an extended family where lifelong friendships are forged and memorable experiences are shared and celebrated. A chance meeting in a doctor’s waiting room one Saratoga morning led me on such a journey.
  • Soring

    Horse Soring Rhetoric Amps Up, But Will Change Follow?

    As the sun sets on 2020 and the 116th Congress, the verbal jousting intensifies over proposed legislation that aims to fulfill the original intent of the Horse Protection Act — the abolition of soring.
  • Hoofjack

    The Making of a Stand

    Farriery is an ancient profession, to be sure. While balancing hooves with a trim and nailing on shoes remain the foundational tasks, there have been considerable advances in the industry. Many times, significant sacrifices are made to bring innovations to the farrier market. Some sacrifices are more significant than others.

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A Conversation with Robin "RT" Goodrich

In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, Executive Editor Jeremy McGovern chats with AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier Robin "RT" Goodrich.

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On behalf of the American Farriers Journal team, we’re pleased to bring you the 2019 Farrier Industry Innovators — a unique guide that highlights the people and stories behind the companies that provide innovative solutions for the hoof care problems of today and tomorrow.

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45 Memorable Articles from the History of American Farriers Journal

45 Memorable Articles from the History of American Farriers Journal

When the editors of American Farriers Journal discussed how to celebrate our 45th anniversary, we wanted to create something nostalgic for veteran farriers and provide historical context for younger farriers. Yet to truly cover the history of hoof-care thoughts of 5 decades, we would have to amass volumes. With this special report, we highlight influential articles and entries from the magazine. For each year, we selected a single article that marked an event, a trend, monumental change or important information and discuss its significance.
2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

2019 Farrier Business Practices Report

This annual report is your personal guide for monitoring the trends and economic changes affecting the farrier industry. You’ll gain insight into the equine industry and discover how your farrier business compares to others by getting a glimpse at yearly farrier income growth, what farriers are charging, how farriers are funding retirement, where they are obtaining footcare product information, and much more!

Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

Special Report for Equine Veterinarians

It requires a team to care for the horse. This special 34-page report is your guide for building better working relationships with farriers for the health of the horse. In this report for equine veterinarians, gain insight about the farrier industry and helpful advice from equine veterinarians on how they start and maintain strong working relationships with farriers.

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4

The latest edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips features a plethora of valuable advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Each was interviewed on various topics they thought every farrier should know; such as how to find hoof-care business success, steps for effectively shoeing horses, bridging the communication gap between veterinarians and farriers, and much more!

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