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Digital Demonstration Replay

How CBD Can Help Your Customers, Their Horses and You [Digital Demonstration]

During this digital demonstration, Renee Vandenberg and Harry Serio discuss how you can use CBD in your hoof-care practice. It may be able to help horses with inflammation issues, as well as calming. This digital demonstration will offer guidance on how to find the right amount for each horse and your customers’ responsibilities.

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Trimming & Shoeing

How Farriers Affect a Horse’s Hoof Landing

Horseshoers must determine whether initial contact or stabilization of the landing benefit the horse most
While the horse is guided in a straight line on level, firm ground, the motion of the limb during the swing and stance phase is observed, along with the sideway motion and flight arc of the limb during the swing phase.
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Farrier Tips

Texas Farrier Works Feet in Pairs to Avoid Lameness

Routines are part and parcel of daily hoof-care work. Some farriers prefer starting with the left front, moving on to the left hind and making their way around the horse. Often, they find that it’s more efficient to follow this pattern. Others address the front feet first before the hinds.
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Wisconsin Equine Clinic

Lexington, Ky., farrier Bobby Menker discusses everyday performance horse shoeing during a hoof-care clinic at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wis.

Anvil Brand Clinic: February 2018

Hall Of Fame farrier Billy Crothers demonstrated a number of forging and shoeing techniques designed to improve efficiency in your hoof-care practice at the annual Anvil Brand Shoeing Co. winter clinic in Lexington, Ill.

2017 World Horseshoeing Classic Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2017 World Horseshoeing Classic held at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School (KHS) in Richmond, Ky.

2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 13th annual event.



Improving Horsemanship for Farriers


This 38 page report will guide you through the importance of learning and developing horsemanship, making the farriery process easier, safer, and more enjoyable. This report will provide you with basic horsemanship skills that are crucial for avoiding horse and human injury, as well as becoming a successful farrier. 

You'll find a wide variety of useful information including:

  • Why you can’t hurry horsemanship

  • How good rapport and good horses go hand-in-hand

  • The importance of being able to “read” a horse and understanding the body language

  • Why not all “bad” horses are bad

  • The importance of patience

  • Advice on how to deal with soft hearted clients and their spoiled horses

Critical Concerns Cover

Critical Concerns When Making Traction Decisions

Too much or too little traction can lead to poor performance or even catastrophic injury. This insightful 16-page report explores the positive and negative effects of adding traction devices to shoes so you can avoid any detrimental outcomes. View
Michael Steward

The Science Behind Wooden Shoes -- MP3 Download


Michael Steward has had tremendous success treating laminitis as well as other lameness issues with his system of wooden shoes. In this presentation, Steward shares the science behind the success of this cost-effective treatment.  (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes; File size: 54 Megabytes)

Esco Buff

Farrier Business Skills You Can Use Tomorrow -- MP3 Download


Esco Buff, who holds a Ph.D in business administration, has developed a simple, practical approach to the farrier business that you don't need an advanced degree to understand. You'll leave this session with many new ideas for building a solid foundation for your hoof-care business. (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes; File size: 51 Megabytes)

Book Of Farrier Lists - Download Only

Book Of Farrier Lists - Download Only


Jam-packed with valuable checklists for horse owners and farriers alike, this report features 26 usable checklists on all aspects of hoof care and shoeing horses. A practical tool for any horse-owner serious about hoof care and a must-have reference for the professional farrier.

Art and Frustration Of Hoof Balance - Download

Art and Frustration Of Hoof Balance - Download


This equine veterinarian and veteran leads the reader through all of the critical aspects of proper hoof balance and examines its importance to both the rider and the horse. Included are discussions of geometric balance, dynamic hoof balance, natural balance, the four-point trim, the hairline idea of balance, Duckett's dot and diagonal balance.

AFJ April 2015

1 Year Print Only (Foreign) Subscription

Completely devoted to proper hoof care, this eight-times-a-year magazine is must reading for anyone deeply concerned about effective hoof care. View
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1 Year Premium Print+Digital (Foreign)

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Completely devoted to proper hoof care, this website is must reading for anyone deeply concerned about effective hoof care. Digital subscription includes years of published content. View
Hoof-Care Strategies for Success Set

Hoof-Care Strategies For Success Set


This 4-piece package shares the very best hoof-care tips, techniques and practical advice from over 30 members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and other prominent veteran farriers in the footcare industry.

This special package includes:

  • Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips (52 pages)
  • Hoof Care For The Performance Horse (64 pages)
  • Hall Of Fame Horseshoeing (32 pages)
  • The "How-To" Horseshoeing Book (144 pages)

This package is valued at $57.80 — you save 40% or $22.83 when you order this package today.




A Day With World Class Farrier Bobby Menker

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital
39151 Delafield Rd.
Oconomowoc, WI
United States
Contact: Tricia Kasten
Wisconsin Equine Clinic is hosting a clinic in Oconomowoc. Read More


"Back to the Basics" Clinic

8/11/17 8:30 am EST
Strain Equine Services, LLC
17041 158th St
Bonner Springs, KS
United States
Contact: Brett Jeschke
Strain Equine Services, LLC, will host a 2-day clinic with Mark Caldwell, AWCF, Aug. 11-12, 2017, in Bonner Springs, Kan. Read More


Therapeutic Shoeing For Athletic Equines Clinic

Kleider Veterinary Services
8036 232 Street
Contact: Lexy Mills
Kleider Veterinary Services is hosting a clinic in Langley, British Columbia.  Read More


Centaur Forge Clinic

10/7/17 8:00 am CST
Centaur Forge
117 N. Spring Street
Burlington, WI
United States
Contact: Centaur Forge
Centaur Forge is hosting a clinic with Myron McLane, CJF, in Burlington, Wis. Read More


Shoeing For Soundness Clinic

Lookout Mountain School of Horseshoeing
400 Lewis Rd.
Gadsden, AL
United States
Contact: Tom McNew
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center and Lookout Mountain School of Horseshoeing are hosting a clinic in Gadsden, Ala. Read More


How Ground Conditions Effect Horses And Shoeing Techniques For Different Types of Footing Clinic

Yoder Blacksmith Supply
8900 Township Road 652
Fredricksburg, OH
United States
Contact: Henry
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center and Yoder Blacksmith Supply are hosting a clinic in Fredricksburg, Ohio. Read More



11/16/17 6:00 pm EST
Purves Home
5760 Tipp Elizabeth Rd
Troy, OH
United States
Contact: Dave Purves CJF

The South Western Ohio Farriers Association will sponsor a Hammer-In in Troy, Ohio.

Read More



12/22/17 6:00 pm EST
Hoyle Home
1432 Jasper Rd.
Xenia, OH
United States
Contact: Kenny Hoyle
The Southwestern Ohio Farriers Association will sponsor a Hammer-In in Xenia, Ohio. Read More


Advanced Hoof Course

1/22/18 9:00 am EST
Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center
32100 N Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, AZ
United States
Duplo Composite Horseshoes and Keystone Performance Horses are sponsoring a clinic in Cave Creek. Read More


Shoeing For Traction With Alan Cooley

3/1/18 8:00 am EST
Synergy Farm & Forge
8745 McCaffrey Trail
Contact: Mark Struthers
The Ontario Farriers Association is hosting a clinic in Ashton, Ontario. Read More

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