Therapeutic Shoeing

Explore the valuable strategies to help farriers maneuver through the various problems that afflict the hoof capsule and lower limb.


What are Your Options for Achieving the Benefits of a Sidebone Shoe?

Alternatives are affordable, but forging experience is a must
As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. When we apply that proverbial saying to farriery, we find that it certainly applies to shoeing horses, as well. When a horse presents with a problem that a farrier must address, each case is an individual journey with multiple paths to a destination.
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A Qualitative Study and Analysis of the Results of Using Copper-Alloy Horseshoes in the Reduction of White Line Infections

It appears that antimicrobial effects of copper-alloy do apply to the application of copper-alloy horseshoes in reducing the microbial damage to the horses’ white line.

Treatment of white line infections has traditionally been to remove the affected area of the white line and treat with some form of antimicrobial topical. Horse owner compliance at applying daily topicals to combat white line infections is reportedly short lived. The effectiveness of daily topicals also comes into question once a horseshoe is applied to the hoof. Traditional horseshoes made of steel and aluminum provide no antibacterial qualities. The application of copper-alloy horseshoes has been shown in studies to help with combating bacterial and fungal infections of the white line and eliminate the need for horse owners to apply daily topicals.

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Jay Tovey
International Hoof-Care Summit — Virtual Clinic Series

What is a Half Heart-Bar Shoe and What is it for?

The heart-bar horseshoe regained a foothold in farriery in the mid-1980s after Burney Chapman and George Platt reintroduced it for shoeing foundered and laminitic horses. When applied correctly, the heart bar has proven effective for various hoof-care issues. But it’s not a silver bullet for every pathology. So, when Jay Tovey only needs to engage half the frog, he turns to the half heart bar.
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2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 13th annual event.



32nd Annual Heumphreus Lecture

University of California, Davis
United States
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is hosting the 32nd annual Heumphreus Lecture. Read More


Farriers' Day

Peninsula Equine Veterinary
Menlo Park, CA
United States
Contact: Jan

Grand Circuit Products is sponsoring a farriers’ day in Menlo Park.

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Clinic day for farriers and veterinarians

University of Montreal
3200 rue Sicotte Saint-Hyacinthe
The faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Montreal will host a clinic day for farriers at veterinaries. The clinician is Dr. Steve O'Grady. Read More


Feet, Joints and Physiotherapy Webinar

BEVA is hosting the webinar “Feet, Joints and Physiotherapy” at 12 p.m. CST, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021. The speakers are Bruce Bladon, BVMS, Cert EP, DESTS, Dipl ECVS, FRCVS; Gillian Tabor, MSc, ResM, ACPAT, Cat A RAMP; and Simon Moore, FWCF. Read More


Meredith Manor Annual Spring Clinic

Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre
147 Saddle Ln.
Waverly, WV
United States
Contact: Janie Crothers
The Meredith Manor Annual Spring Clinic will be April 30-May 1 at Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre in Waverly, W.Va. The clinicians will be Esco Buff and John Crothers. Read More


Esco Buff’s Annual Summer Summit

Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre Farrier Shop
147 Saddle Ln.
Waverly, WV
United States
Esco Buff will be conducting his annual Summer Summit from Aug. 5-7, 2021, at Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre Farrier Shop in Waverly, W.Va. The clinicians are Esco Buff, John Crothers, Ken Best and Dr. Gabe Middleton. Read More

Live Sponsored Event

Orrville Veterinary Clinic Equine Educational Seminar

Orrville Veterinary Clinic
1665 N Main St.
Orrville, OH
United States
Orrville Veterinary Clinic is hosting an equine educational seminar Aug. 21, 2021. The clinician is Esco Buff. Read More

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