Therapeutic Shoeing

Explore the valuable strategies to help farriers maneuver through the various problems that afflict the hoof capsule and lower limb.


Research Journal: September/October 2020

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Hoof Loading During Laminitis A study by researchers from the Veterinary Medicine, Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Germany, examined hoof loading in laminitic horses compared with normal controls. Fifty-four horses were divided into three groups:
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Lateral Extension Idea for a Sound Horse Series 1

Creative approach to add lateral extension provides further therapeutic use for indirect glue solution.
Manufacturers provide farriers with a solution for many of the challenges horses present us. And while a product is suitable for one problem, it may be ineffective or detrimental when applied as a solution for another.
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Maximize Hoof Care by Thoroughly Evaluating the Whole Horse

Assess how balance, posture and muscular development effect the hoof capsule
Using a “big picture” approach of assessing the whole horse — from topline to toes — can identify factors in the animal’s body that might affect hoof shape and condition. Paying attention to how a horse uses its body can provide a farrier with practical insights into the best way to trim or shoe the animal to maximize its performance potential, says Mike Stine, a Marshville, N.C., farrier and own­er of Equine Dy­namics.
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Hoof Health Hinges on Dynamic Climates

Ever-changing environment can leave your clients’ horses struggling to adapt
After a client invests $40,000 on footing for their arena, it’s hard — maybe impossible — to convince them it’s ruining their horse’s feet. Uxbridge, Ontario, farrier Dave Dawson had a client express concern that their horses were frequently tripping and stumbling.
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Pressure Plate Analysis Measures Dynamic Weight Distribution

Ghent University researcher’s findings can influence trimming and shoeing for individual hoof-care cases
Human medicine and athletic stores rely on visual maps to recommend orthotics or sneaker styles based on a person’s gait. Pressure plates measure how an individual distributes their weight as they walk or run and converts that data into a graphic interpretation. That information is used to pair the right support or shoe style for specific gait pattern or abnormality to reduce the risk for injury.
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Strategies for Troubleshooting Soft Tissue Injuries in the Western Performance Horse

Thorough lameness evaluations and thoughtful shoeing prescriptions play a key role in helping horses recover from soft tissue injuries
From platelet-rich plasma to tendon splitting and beyond, there is a plethora of effective therapies available for veterinarians to treat soft tissue injuries in horses. These therapies work to speed healing in the soft tissues by addressing inflammation, increasing blood flow and more — but there is another aspect of care that assists with healing.
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Research Journal: May/June 2020

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Led by a scientist at Michigan State University, a team of researchers evaluated the effects of a dietary supplement containing resveratrol and the amino acid leucine on insulin dysregulation in horses with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). Fifteen horses with naturally occurring EMS were treated for 6 weeks with weight, body condition and several metabolic factors, including insulin levels, measured following an oral sugar test both before and after treatment with the supplement.
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2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 13th annual event.



32nd Annual Heumphreus Lecture

University of California, Davis
United States
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is hosting the 32nd annual Heumphreus Lecture. Read More


Farriers' Day

Peninsula Equine Veterinary
Menlo Park, CA
United States
Contact: Jan

Grand Circuit Products is sponsoring a farriers’ day in Menlo Park.

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Clinic day for farriers and veterinarians

University of Montreal
3200 rue Sicotte Saint-Hyacinthe
The faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Montreal will host a clinic day for farriers at veterinaries. The clinician is Dr. Steve O'Grady. Read More

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