COVID-19: Caring for Your Horse During a Pandemic.

This free report from the editors of American Farriers Journal empowers your hoof-care clients to safely manage their horses during a pandemic.

Dear Hoof-Care Professional,

Although there is no evidence that horses can become sick with COVID-19, their human caretakers remain at risk. Horse owners should have plans in place to provide care for their animals if they become sick and self-isolate or become hospitalized.

To help your hoof-care clients prepare for caring for their horses during a pandemic, such as COVID-19, or anytime they might find themselves indisposed, we’ve compiled a free downloadable report, “COVID-19: Caring for Your Horse During a Pandemic.”

Get detailed info on preparing for such an event, compiled by the most trusted name in hoof care.

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  • Understand how to determine who will look after your horses.
  • Get a complete breakdown of the instructions that your caregiver will need.
  • Learn how you can avoid spreading viruses and diseases.
  •  Gain confidence in whether you should be handling your horses and how to do so.
  • Discover a complete Horse Care Plan designed to provide the best care for your horses.

We know that your clients and their horses are incredibly important to you. This special report includes scientific data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ontario Animal Health Network. It explains what farriers and horse owners should do to avoid spreading diseases and viruses and important guidelines that are necessary to provide essential care for your clients’ horses. Keep it handy for your use and print it out or email it to your hoof-care clients.

Download your copy of “COVID-19: Caring for Your Horse During a Pandemic” today to arm yourself and your clients with the knowledge, advice and insight necessary to understand exactly how to prepare for caring for their horses during difficult times.

Yours for a better hoof care,

Jeff Cota
Lead Content Editor,
American Farriers Journal