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Find tips and advice from equine footcare professionals around the world on protecting yourself at the anvil, as well as under the horse.


9 Critical Propane Safety Tips

Avoid potentially volatile situations by understanding the gas and frequent checks
Gas forges are commonplace in today’s farrier rigs. We use them so often that it’s easy to become complacent and operate on autopilot. A recent incident in which a farrier was seriously burned while refilling his propane tank serves as a stark safety reminder to all farriers and blacksmiths who carry a gas forge and propane tank in a vehicle.
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2018 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] WHOLE HORSE APPROACH: Muscle Therapy That Can Help You And The Horse When You Work With It

Australian muscle therapist Gary Wells will deliver a presentation focusing on a specifically designed muscle horse therapy course for farriers. This course will deliver two human muscle adjustments specifically designed to release the arms, neck, shoulders and back of the hard working farrier. He’ll also present clinical assessment of fetlock and hoof torques to provide an equilibrium of forces about the distal limb for weight bearing and swing phase function.
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Imprint Training Produces Cooperative Horses

Properly performed techniques after birth result in equids that accept trimming and nailing, California vet says of his controversial training
Imagine horses trained to fully cooperate with farriers from day one. Horses that display no fear or stubbornness, move into position with a gentle nudge, give their feet without hesitation, and accept trimming and nailing with no pullback.
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What About The Horse?

Most farriers and equine veterinarians work well together in their endeavor to provide quality hoof care. "We need to work together for the betterment of the horse" both sides have proclaimed time and time again. Yet, that unifying focus is rather blurry today after the American Veterinary Medical Association introduced its proposed Model Veterinary Practice Act.
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Live Sponsored Event

Georgia Equine Veterinary Hospital Clinic

Georgia Equine Veterinary Hospital
4813 Arbor Hill Rd.
Canton, GA
United States
Contact: GVH
Georgia Equine Veterinary Hospital is hosting a clinic in Canton. Read More


Whole Horse Approach And Limb Length Disparity Clinic

Meredith Manor Equestrian College
147 Saddle Lane
Waverly, WV
United States
Contact: Janie Crothers

Meredith Manor Equestrian College is hosting a 3-day lecture and hands-on clinic in Waverly, W. Va.

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NEAEP 10th Annual Symposium

Saratoga Springs, NY
United States
Contact: Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners
The Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners is holding its 10th Annual Symposium in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Read More


AAPF/IAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic

Stockhoff's Horseshoes
920 New Jersey 33 Business #7
Freehold, NJ
United States
Contact: Molly Pappas
The AAPF and IAPF are hosting a clinic in Freehold. Read More

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