CBD products are showing promise for farriers, but buyer beware.

This free report from the editors of American Farriers Journal explores the potential benefits of CBD for hoof-care professionals, and other important things to know before you buy.

Dear Hoof-Care Professional,

There are a variety of products for human and animal consumption, all promising to relieve pain, reduce stress, and solve a multitude of other issues.

Extraction and consumption of CBD is now legal in all states except Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, and many farriers who have been trying it out have come to believe that CBD is an effective way to relieve pain and help with the stress of the job.

To help make you aware of the potential benefits and downsides of CBD, we’ve compiled a free downloadable report, “CBD Products Have Promise for Farriers, But Buyer Beware.” 

Get detailed info on CBD, compiled by the most trusted name in hoof care.

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  • Understand how CBD works scientifically. With information on how it affects the body and what chemical compounds are doing when you use them.
  • Discover the 6 things to check for before you buy CBD with our Pre-Purchase Checklist.
  • Learn the top 4 warnings offered by the FDA about the usage of CBD.
  • Gain confidence in the “conquest sale” by knowing each brand’s competitive vulnerability, and where the window of opportunity exists for your team.
  • Dive into the world of CBD remedies, and see if CBD is something that could be right for you

Of course, we know you’re very busy. But you should know the potential risks and benefits of CBD, and all the decision factors that are very important when buying CBD.  Knowing as much about the growing CBD industry is paramount to staying up to date on the latest remedies and natural options for you and your animals. For instance, did you know that...

  • Although CBD products are federally legal, they are not regulated by the FDA (yet). Therefore there are specific things you need to look out for when you are researching which brands to purchase.
  • Some CBD products contain inconsistencies in purity content and dosage. It’s important to know which brands are supplying reliable and pure products.

We know time is money. But if you do nothing but scan over our CBD Pre-Purchase Checklist in this FREE report, you’d be significantly better prepared for exploring CBD.

Data compiled by the experts

This special report includes scientific data -- and expert testimony -- of professional CBD producers. The info explains exactly how CBD is safely extracted, what methods are best for extraction, and how to best know if the CBD you buy is being produced at the highest quality possible. Keep it handy for research into which brands to purchase from.

But you also get more than just lists; you’ll gain insight into farriers’ thought processes through testimonies FROM FARRIERS about how they feel CBD usage has benefited their lives in these specific areas:

  1. Stress during the job
  2. Sleeping
  3. Aches and pains
  4. Anxiety
  5. Arthritis

While reading these testimonies, you’ll find the ways that other farriers increased their effectiveness, while feeling better doing their job.

Download your copy of CBD Products Have Promise for Farriers, But Buyer Beware today to arm yourself with the knowledge, advice and insight necessary to understand exactly how — and if — CBD can improve your hoof-care practice aiding in the prevention and recovery of the unique demands placed on your body and mind by your profession.

Yours for a better hoof care

Jeff Cota

Lead Content Editor

American Farriers Journal