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Research Journal: April 2024

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  • Diarrhea, Laminitis & Survival
  • Disease, Injury & Death Among Foals & Yearlings
  • Stem Cells for Arthritis
  • Kinesiology Tape for Back Pain

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Book Review

A Horse by Nature: Managing Emotional and Mental Stress in Horses for Improved Welfare

By Mary Ann Simonds
Anyone who knows me is aware of my extensive library with its collection of horse books that go as far back as Xenophon’s “On Horsemanship,” Gueriniere’s “School of Horsemanship,” Olivereira’s “Reflections on Equestrian Art,” Tom Dorrance’s “True Unity,” Ray Hunt’s “Think Harmony with Horses” and hundreds of others in between and after. Regardless, I have virtually always referred customers to the latter — “True Unity” and “Think Harmony with Horses” to use in their pursuit of horsemanship.
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2020 International Hoof-Care Summit

The 17th annual International Hoof-Care Summit drew farriers and equine veterinarians to Cincinnati, Ohio, for 4 days of footcare education. With a theme of “Focus on Hoof Care for a Healthier Horse," the Summit demonstrated why it’s truly international with attendees and exhibitors representing 21 countries.

2019 Forge of July

Farriers from around the country attended the third annual Forge of July in Shelbyville, Ky.

Andrew Neilson Forging

Oxford, Pa., farrier Andrew Neilson demonstrates how he packs his tools for forging contests.

2015 International Hoof-Care Summit

A record number of farriers and equine veterinarians soaked up 4 days of intense continuing footcare education at the 12th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2018 Colorado Classic

Chris and Cody Gregory of Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Mo., were the clinicians and judges of the 2018 Colorado Classic in Kremmling, Colo.

World Championship Blacksmiths event at the Goshen Stampede June 2018

World Championship Blacksmiths held its second competition of the season June 15-17, 2018, at the Goshen Stampede in Goshen, Conn. It was the first time that the WCB staged an event at the Goshen Stampede.

Wisconsin Equine Clinic

Lexington, Ky., farrier Bobby Menker discusses everyday performance horse shoeing during a hoof-care clinic at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wis.

Anvil Brand Clinic: February 2018

Hall Of Fame farrier Billy Crothers demonstrated a number of forging and shoeing techniques designed to improve efficiency in your hoof-care practice at the annual Anvil Brand Shoeing Co. winter clinic in Lexington, Ill.

2017 World Horseshoeing Classic Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2017 World Horseshoeing Classic held at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School (KHS) in Richmond, Ky.

2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 13th annual event.


Hall of Fame Farriers Tips 2021 cover

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 5


This 5th edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips features a plethora of valuable advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Each was interviewed on various topics they thought every farrier should know; such as how to apply a frog plate to a keg shoe, tips to becoming more efficient, fundamentals of hoof care, tips on how to avoid volatile situations, and much more! Hall of Fame Farrier Tips Volume 5 will provide you with applicable advice on an extraordinary range of hoof-care topics.

45th Anniv Report

45 Memorable Articles from the History of American Farriers Journal

When the editors of American Farriers Journal discussed how to celebrate our 45th anniversary, we wanted to create something nostalgic for veteran farriers and provide historical context for younger farriers. Yet to truly cover the history of hoof-care thoughts of 5 decades, we would have to amass volumes. With this special report, we highlight influential articles and entries from the magazine. For each year, we selected a single article that marked an event, a trend, monumental change or important information and discuss its significance. View
HOF Vol 4

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 4


The latest edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips features a plethora of valuable advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Each was interviewed on various topics they thought every farrier should know; such as how to find hoof-care business success, steps for effectively shoeing horses, bridging the communication gap between veterinarians and farriers, and much more!


Better Basics, Effective Solutions

Featuring advice from International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame members to help improve and grow your footcare practices. View
Kick Starters For Life

Kick Starters For Life — 1,407 Motivational Messages


Motivating yourself and those around you is often the difference between victory and defeat or success and failure. And sometimes people can sum up motivation in just a few simple words. Our popular book, Kick Starters For Life, gives you 1,407 examples.

Purchase this inspirational book now and find the words of world leaders, world-class athletes, celebrities, entertainers, philosophers and more. Contained in its pages are tips, comments and advice from those who have managed to find and press that motivational button and propel themselves to the top of their field. Find that one little phrase that strikes the spark that gets your competitive fires blazing and use others to pass that flame on to family members, employees and clients.

Backyard Horse Owner Cover

Answers To Common Backyard Horse Owner Questions

To help you in your educator role, AFJ surveyed seasoned farriers about the top hoof-care related questions and concerns they encountered when dealing with those backyard horse owners who could use solid horsemanship insight. We’ve addressed various aspects of hoof-care as guided by that survey and put it together in this handy 16-page report. View
Robert Hunt

Why Hoof and Limb Manipulation Is So Critical in Managing Conformation -- MP3 Download


Achieving optimal conformation in the developing young horse is important for economic as well as functional purposes, maintains Robert J. Hunt. Hunt also outlines the need for surgical manipulation to take advantage of the growth potential at the physis and techniques to enhance growth or retard bone growth.  (Total Run Time: 51 minutes, 31 Seconds; File size: 47 Megabytes)

Soring Part 4

Soring (Part 4): Turning Up The Heat On Soring -- Download


This is the final installment of the series that won the top prize from the Association of Business Publications Editors. The series looks at the practice of soring and attempts to stop it.

Download only

Soring Part 3

Soring (Part 3): Serious Challenges To Ending Soring -- Download


This is the third installment of the series that won the top prize from the Association of Business Publications Editors. The series looks at the practice of soring and attempts to stop it.

Download only

Esco Buff

Farrier Business Skills You Can Use Tomorrow -- MP3 Download


Esco Buff, who holds a Ph.D in business administration, has developed a simple, practical approach to the farrier business that you don't need an advanced degree to understand. You'll leave this session with many new ideas for building a solid foundation for your hoof-care business. (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes; File size: 51 Megabytes)




A Day With World Class Farrier Bobby Menker

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital
39151 Delafield Rd.
Oconomowoc, WI
United States
Contact: Tricia Kasten
Wisconsin Equine Clinic is hosting a clinic in Oconomowoc. Read More


Virginia Horseshoers Association Hands-On Clinic

160 Mica Springs Lane
Mineral, VA
United States

Virginia Horseshoers Association will conduct a hands-on clinic Jan.13-14, 2022, in Mineral, Va. The clinician is Bodie Trnka.

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Edward Martin Perpetual Draft Horse Shoeing Competition and Clinic

United States

The Edward Martin Perpetual Draft Horse Shoeing Competition and Clinic will be March 23-25, 2023, in Wilton, Calif. The judge and clinician will be Iain Ritchie, DipWCF.

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Everyday Essential Horseshoe Modifications

3/25/17 10:00 am CST
Spanish Lake Blacksmith Farrier Supplies
2793 W Meyer Rd.
Foristell, MO
United States
Contact: Bob Schantz
Spanish Lake Blacksmith Farrier Supplies will host Everyday Essential Horseshoe Modifications clinic. Paul Skaggs will be the clinician. Read More


Pennsylvania Professional Farriers Association Clinic

S&S Stables
375 Coffroath Rd.
Coatesville, PA
United States
Contact: Andrew Neilson CFJ

Pennsylvania Professional Farriers Association is hosting a precertification clinic in Coatesville, Pa.

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"Back to the Basics" Clinic

8/11/17 8:30 am EST
Strain Equine Services, LLC
17041 158th St
Bonner Springs, KS
United States
Contact: Brett Jeschke
Strain Equine Services, LLC, will host a 2-day clinic with Mark Caldwell, AWCF, Aug. 11-12, 2017, in Bonner Springs, Kan. Read More


Vettec Hands-On Workshop

8/26/17 9:00 am EST
Green County Horseshoes
10711 Route 32
Greenville, NY
United States
Vettec is sponsoring a workshop in Greenville, NY.  Read More


Forging With Craig Trnka, CFJ, Clinic

257 Goldrush Way
Chino Valley, AZ
United States
Contact: Shaun Woodsum
The Arizona State Farriers Association is hosting a clinic with Craig Trnka, CJF, in Chino Valley, Ariz.  Read More


D&L Farm And Home Clinic

Aubrey, TX
United States
Contact: D&L Farm and Home
D&L Farm and Home is hosting a summit clinic in Aubrey, Texas. Read More


Proper Hoofcare And Conformation And How It Effects Soundness Clinic

IFA Country Store - Riverton
1926 West 12600 South
Riverton, UT
United States
Contact: Kory or Lindsay
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center and Intermountain Farmers are hosting a clinic for horse owners and farriers in Riverton, Utah. Read More

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