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Hoof Beats: Point Of View

Foal conformation can change depending on one’s perspective
Extreme weather like we have been seeing this summer can affect the horse's hooves mightily. Obviously, the most affected horses are those who are out in it more.
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Moving Beyond The Pain And Swelling Of Equine Inflammation

Deeper knowledge of the concept can improve outcomes for horses
Is there more to heat, pain and lameness than meets the eye? Is there a reason why a horse is not responding to therapies? Potentially, yes. A farrier often is the first line of defense in identifying inflammation of the distal limb, and understanding its influence is critical for proper management.
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Making His Mark As A Cutting Horse Shoer

Texas farrier Jake Whitman draws from his time as a trainer to keep these athletes going
There’s something satisfying about watching a cutting horse doing its job well. The speed, agility and balance of the horse to mirror a cut cow as it desperately tries to return to the safety of its herd is mesmerizing and thrilling all at once.
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Success With Street Nail Procedure

At the 2017 Iowa State University (ISU) Spring Clinic and Competition, veterinarian Dane Tatarniuk and resident farrier Doug Russo discussed the street nail procedure (navicular bursotomy procedure) and the role of farriery for the horse post surgery.
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Research Journal: May/June 2017

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Treating Extensor Process Fractures While many fragments off the extensor process of the coffin bone are not associated with lameness, large fragments that involve the articular surface can cause problems and require treatment.
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A Different Point Of View

Wisconsin farrier experiments with video to learn more about equine gaits
Thanks to advancing technology, it’s never been easier or more efficient for farriers to utilize video in their hoof-care practice. According to the exclusive 2016 Farrier Business Practices Survey conducted by American Farriers Journal, 54% of farriers use a smartphone to record video in their practice, a 3% increase from the 2014 study.
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Histologic Characterization Of The Laminar Interface At The Crena Marginis Solearis In Horses

Farrier’s research examines the microscopic anatomy of the laminar interface at the distal margin of the distal phalanx of equine forefeet with the presence of a crena marginis solearis
The horse’s distal phalanx is attached to the inside of the hoof capsule by interdigitating dermal (from the distal phalanx) and epidermal lamellae (from the hoof). This connection is commonly referred to as the laminar interface.
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Farriers Sweat The Small Stuff To Keep Performance Horses Competing

Sore feet, abscesses occur regardless of discipline and require quick and effective hoof care
Performance horses, by the very nature of the work they are asked to do, are more prone to injuries than horses that are being used primarily for recreational riding. There are a number of studies that offer evidence that certain injuries are more likely to occur with certain disciplines, but an informal survey of several experienced farriers indicates that across disciplines, more common injuries such as sore feet and abscesses are the culprits that farriers most often have to deal with.
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