Research Journal: May/June 2022

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  • Heel Expansion and Glue-On Shoes
  • Application of the Ridden Horse Pain Scale
  • Hoof Trimming Effects Hoof Impact
  • CBD for Joints

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Farrier Observation

How are Horses and Airplanes Similar?

How learning physics can improve your farrier business
If you have attended any of my presentations, you know full well that I incorporate mathematics, trigonometry and physics into the explanations. My goal is to deliver a clearer and less disputable understanding.
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Veterinarian and Farrier Teamwork: Ultrasound and the Pastern Region

Guidelines for better veterinarian-farrier collaboration on ultrasound diagnostics

Practicing at Tufts University in Massachusetts, equine veterinarian Kate Chope brings her expertise to the clinic’s ultrasound team. When challenged with understanding what is behind an equine limb injury, ultrasound is a valuable tool that can help the team determine the cause and arrive at a decision to best help the horse.

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This Week

Hoof-Care Highlights: The Week of March 20

This Week: Hoof-care professionals across the country and the ocean are sharing what they know with others in the industry through social media, webinars and videos. Here are a few of our favorites. Hoof-Care Highlights is brought to you by Meader Supply.
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How Modifications Affect Breakover

This study examines the effects of front shoe-surface modifications in the sport horse on the speed of breakover during the walk and trot on artificial and solid surfaces

In recent history, shoeing has had two primary requirements: protect the hoof capsule and alter the horse’s performance (Adams and Stashak, 2002). When it comes to enhancing performance and altering kinematics, toe-surface modifications are of key importance in the veterinary and farrier professions (Hüppler et al., 2016).

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