2016 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Educational Partner (SmartPak): Equine Nutrition Tips And Body Conditioning Scoring

Jessica Normand of SmartPak discusses the valuable role of nutrition in the equine diet and tips for maintaining a balanced nutritional program. She also talks about the Henneke Body Condition Scoring System and how that helps horse professionals and owners better communicate about and understand their horse's weight.
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Research Journal: May/June 2016

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Joint Injections Compared Joint injections using corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid (HA) or a combination of the two are commonly used to treat synovitis and arthritis in performance horses. In this study, researchers compared the efficacy of one type of corticosteroid (triamcinolone acetate, TA) with and without HA for the treatment of lameness, localized to one limb only that responded to a diagnostic joint block. Eighty horses of various breeds were enrolled in the study with follow-up at 3 weeks by re-examining the horses and 3 months by an owner questionnaire. No other medications were permitted during the first 3 weeks of follow-up.
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Booknotes: An Unparalled Presentation Of Equine Anatomy

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide)

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide) is the latest book by veterinary surgeon and researcher Christopher C. Pollitt. Released in December 2015 by Elsevier as a follow-up to Pollit’s renowned book, Color Atlas of the Horse’s Foot, which is no longer in print. This 272-page book is a must-have for all equine practitioners specifically all farriers and equine veterinarians.

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Why Equine Bones Break And Tendons Rupture

Understanding anatomy and physics can help prevent severe injuries
The life of one of the most promising racehorses of our time was cut short in 2006 after a long struggle to recover from a shattered fetlock. Barbaro’s injury at the Preakness Stakes and the heroic attempts to save him by the New Bolton Center at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine drew a lot of attention to the question of why so many young performance horses suffer from broken bones and ruptured tendons. Are these kinds of injuries inevitable? Should we give up trying to solve this problem?
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Lacing And Patching Cracks: Still Getting Horses Back Into Competition

Decades after Ian McKinlay patched his first crack, the New Jersey farrier still has success with the practice when the case dictates
Growing up in Ontario, Ian McKinlay learned crack repair from his father J.C., a pioneer in the practice. J.C. McKinlay started repairing cracks in Ontario in the 1960s, primarily with Standardbreds at Toronto’s Greenwood Mohawk Racetrack and his farm. The younger McKinlay told attendees of the March Razerhorse clinic in Denton, Texas, that his late father would be amazed at how farriers have adapted his work in lacing and patching cracks.
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