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Hoof Boots Earning Expanded Role in Hoof Care

As more horse owners express an interest in boots, more farriers add them to their services
Hoof boots must be carefully fitted and it's also important for horse owners to know how to take them off and put them back on. Farriers may not exactly be lining up to stock their shoeing rigs with a hoof boot selection, but an informal survey indicates boots are gaining increasing acceptance among shoers - driven in part by customer demand.
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Pat Tearney
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Beyond 'Monkey-See, Monkey-Do' Hoof Care

Developing your ‘farrier vision’ is one way to become a better horseshoer
A big factor in separating the truly exceptional farrier from the competent might be developing your “farrier vision.” That’s the ability to “see” inside the foot, as well as to visualize not just the hoof, but also the hoof as part of the entire horse.
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Changes are Coming to the Hoof Care Industry: Are you Getting Ready?

Veteran farrier Gerard Laverty outlines some of the challenges he thinks farriers will face in the not-too-distant future.
Gerard Laverty, who teaches farriery at Kwantlen Polytechnical University in Surrey, British Columbia, says the recent economic downtown is the first one he's seen that will have a major effect on the horse and hoof-care business since he came to North American from his native Northern Ireland in 1981.
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The Backyard Horse

Problems Tend to Pile up on the Feet of Backyard Horses

Informal survey of most common issues for these horses indicates that when owners fail to address one problem, it often leads to others.
Farriers who spend a lot of time providing hoof care of backyard horses should be forgiven if they sometimes feel as if they're being swamped by a cascading torrent of foot problems. It seems to go with the territory.
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Pat Tearney
From The Desk Of AFJ

You Don't Have To Go It Alone

Horse owners and trainers expect you to be the hoof-care expert, but a real expert also knows when to ask for some help

J.D. Downs has been shoeing full time since 2006 and has built a pretty successful practice near his Frederick, Colo., home. If he has one particular piece of advice for young shoers, it's â"Don't get in over your head."

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