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Reaping The Benefits Of Hoof Mapping

Colorado farrier says ELPO method provides consistency to identify and address hoof distortions
Hoof mapping is not a new idea. During a 2016 presentation at the International Hoof-Care Summit (IHCS), Steve Foxworth traced its origins to the work of pioneering farrier William Russell, as well as to more recent work by David Duckett and others.
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Performance And Conformation

At higher levels of competition, understanding how a horse is put together becomes increasingly important
It’s natural for hoof-care professionals to focus primarily on a horse’s lower limbs as they work, but a general knowledge of equine anatomy and conformation is also important. This knowledge becomes more critical for those who work on performance horses. The higher the level of performance, the more critical that knowledge becomes.
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When Is Something A True Innovation Vs. A Fad?

In the absence of hard scientific data, hoof-care professionals must turn to critical thinking
Many veteran farriers still recall the days when some of their colleagues kept what they’d learned about hoof care under lock and key. Stories are still told about a horseshoer packing up his tools and leaving a barn, rather than take a chance that a newcomer might learn any of his hoof-care secrets.
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Forging Rosebuds And Learning Hammer Control

Georgia farrier earns extra income while practicing useful techniques
Farrier Hannah Simms demonstrated some simple ornamental blacksmithing techniques during Danny Ward’s Eastern Farrier Conference in early November of 2015. The Statesboro, Ga., farrier says that mastering the techniques involved not only helped improve her hammer control, it has also provided her with a nice source of additional income.
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It All Started Because Someone Wanted To Show Off A Shoeing Truck

And 38 years later, Danny Ward’s Eastern Farrier Conference is still spreading the word on hoof-care education
Former students, fellow farriers, suppliers and friends of Danny Ward made their annual pilgrimage Nov. 6 and 7 to Martinsville, Va., for the annual Eastern Farrier Conference, hosted by Ward and the North Carolina Horseshoers Association (NCHA). It was the 38th consecutive year that the gathering has been held at Ward’s horseshoeing school in the Virginia Piedmont country.
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