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5 Areas Where Hoof-Care Businesses Fall Down?

I'm currently working on writing a Shoeing For A Living article for the May/June issue of American Farriers Journal. Red Renchin and I spent 1 day and part of another, with Jimmy Gore, a shoeing veteran of 39 years, who lives and works in the Baton Rouge, La., area.
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Tool Tips

Farriers Never Short On Tool Tips

Shoers excel at tweaking tools and finding new uses for them
It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the traits that best define a good farrier, but adaptability is something a lot of them have in common.
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Equine Anatomy

The Mystery Of Moisture And The Equine Foot

Science doesn’t provide instant support to the commonly held beliefs of many farriers, but that may not mean those observations are wrong
It’s easy for farriers to think of a hoof as a sponge that easily soaks up water from the environment. But scientific studies find no difference in relative hydration between hooves from wet or dry environments. What’s actually going on in hoof hydration is far more complicated.
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Product Knowledge

Stock Up And Take Stock

Use this Shoeing Showcase issue to help you prepare for the busiest months of the hoof-care year

Each April, American Farriers Journal publishes the Shoeing Showcase, our annual Farrier Product & How-To Issue.



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Pat Tearney
From The Desk Of AFJ

Trimming Landmarks Aren't All On The Bottom

Summit Roundtable participants agree on importance of observing stance, gait and hairline before even picking up the hoof

Summit Roundtable participants agree on importance of observing stance, gait and hairline before even picking up the hoof.

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Lameness In The Sport Horse

Connecticut vet reviews the more common issues you’re likely to see when providing hoof care for the “English” disciplines
Trimming protocols and choice of shoes vary for various riding disciplines. You don’t typically need reining plates, for instance, if you’re shoeing polo ponies. In similar fashion, certain lamenesses are more likely to be seen in horses used in one discipline than another.
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Fire Up That Forge

Hot tips for packing more heat into your shoeing work
There is probably no single piece of equipment that has changed how farriers do their jobs more than the portable propane forge. From shaky beginnings when they were seen more as a novelty, they have become virtually a necessity for farriers who want to hot fit and hot shoe away from their own shops.
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