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Shiny New Shoers

Graduates of the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing can be forgiven if they think that nailing on a keg shoe is a form of animal abuse
After all, they’ve just spent 10 weeks under the tutelage of Richard Duggan, American Farrier’s Association Certified Journeyman Farrier and, with his wife, Nancy, owner of the Ramsey, Minn., school.
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Novice Farrier, Savvy Businessman

California shoer says thinking, acting professionally can pay off big for you
“I don’t shoe to make a living but for the challenge,” the Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., farrier told those in attendance at the Northern California Classic in Placerville, Calif. He quickly admitted he’d only graduated from Bob Smith’s Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School about 2 years before.
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Hot And Cold Tips For Better Forging

Developing these skills will pay off in increased efficiency and better shoeing
Some of the most important work a farrier does takes place at least a few feet from the horse that’s being shod. Skills at the anvil can set a farrier apart from run-of-the-mill shoers. The ability to hand forge specialty shoes or fine-tune keg shoes can greatly enhance your ability to increase your shoeing incomes.
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Shoeing For A Living

Vet Clinic Shoeing

California farrier Blake Brown enjoys working as part of an equine-health team
When Blake Brown agreed to start providing shoeing services to the Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic, Large Animal Services near his home in Penryn, Calif., he and the clinic’s staff agreed that one day a week would fill their needs.
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Modifying Keg Shoes

Hot Ideas For Fitting Hinds

Practical advice for modifying keg shoes
When it comes to modifying keg shoes, you can still get quite an argument going concerning the benefits of “hot” vs. “cold” shoeing. But Danny Ward of Martinsville, Va., maintains it’s not an either-or proposition.
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Nuggets Of Shoeing Knowledge

Farriers gather in California Gold Country and strike a mother lode of quarter crack information
They might have been in “Gold Country,” but members of the Western State Farrier’s Association were more interested in mining nuggets of horseshoeing knowledge during the annual Northern California Classic in Placerville, Calif.
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Shoeing For A Living

Slowing Down For More Speed

Missouri farrier finds he's slowing down as he gets older — and it's on purpose
Neal Poort is quick to admit he’s not as fast as he used to be. But in the process, he’s sped up.
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The Ever-Evolving Shoeing Rig

Wisconsin shoeing-trailer designer says improvements just keep coming
Ask Roger Newman about the ideal farrier rig and his description will be different than the one he would have given you last year — as well as different than the one you’d be likely to get next year.
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What's This?

Contest Winners

See who took home three free horseshoeing videos for the best diagnosis and treatment suggestions for this hoof
We had a few technical glitches with Round 5 of the “What’s This?” contest. But when everything was cleared up, we still got some great answers from interested farriers regarding an obviously badly damaged hoof.
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