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It's A Simple Job Except When It's Not

Some thoughts on the K.I.S.S. method of farriery

I've heard a lot of farriers champion the so-called K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) method for horseshoeing. But I've heard some of the same farriers then describe their "simple" system. It includes assessing the horse's conformation, age, work, environment, hoof-horn quality, hoof-wall thickness, sole type, frog health, past history, any current or recent lamnesses or problems, trainer requirements and rider needs and style.

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Shoeing for a Living

Third Career Is a Charm

California farrier Donnie Karr was 34 before he started his shoeing career, but he’s found that the job fits him as well as he fits shoes
Loomis, Calif., farrier Donnie Karr shapes a shoe while working at a small ranch in Granite City, Calif. Karr has been shoeing full-time for just over 13 years. This particular ranch is home to a number of cutting horses, as well as other horses used in Western riding disciplines.
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The Farrier and Radiographs

X-ray machines are probably never going to become standard equipment on shoeing rigs, but the information gleaned through this technology can help you provide better hoof care and improve your standing in the eyes of your clients
Digital radiographs allow "stall-side" imagery that farriers and veterinarians can read within seconds, as farrier/veterinarian Raul Bras of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital did on a Lexington, Ky., Thoroughbred farm in this photo.
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The Backyard Horse

Information for you to Share with Your Backyard Horse Clients

In 2013, American Farriers Journal will help you educate your novice clients on the importance of regular hoof care
Backyard horses are an important part of a hoof-care business. Particularly with novice horse owners, farriers may need to serve as a hoof-care educator. For years, our readers have been telling us that backyard horses are the backbone of many of their hoof-care practices.
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Getting the Right Fit With Aluminum

Solid tips from people who have learned their way around working with these important shoes
Aluminum horseshoes are not new. They've been around for several decades now and are the shoe of choice at racetracks and for many disciplines. Trainers choose aluminum shoes when they want less weight, more flotation or because they think they absorb shock better than steel.
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Shoeing for a Living

Shoeing Along The Colorado Front Range

Farrier J.D. Downs is becoming known for his work with reining horses, in part because he never hesitates to seek advice from his mentors
J.D. Downs shapes a shoe at a ranch along the Colorado Front Range. The farrier from Frederick, Colo., north of Denver, says shoeing in the high, dry climate means dealing with hard, dry feet.
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