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Health Hazards Of Hoof Care

Farriers are aware that theirs is a potentially hazardous occupation. Anytime a significant part of the workday is spent standing underneath animals that can weigh well over 1,000 pounds, while picking up one of its feet, there's obviously a chance that something could go wrong.
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Farriers And Research: A Possible Role

Hoof-care professionals could unite to build a valuable database that could be mined for a variety of information
When a farrier has trimmed and shod hundreds of horses thousands of times, it stands to reason that he or she will have reached certain conclusions about how trimming a foot this way, or applying a shoe in that way will affect a horse.
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Digging Into Mike Wildenstein’s Bag Of Shoeing Tricks

Providing good hoof care requires careful attention to detail and an ability to process and use a variety of information says Hall Of Fame farrier
If you ever get the chance to attend a clinic by International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame member Mike Wildenstein, stay on your toes, listen closely and keep your eyes open. Let your attention wander for just a minute and you'll probably miss something.
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Tool Tips

Tool Tips Even A Non-Tool Guy Can Use

Hall Of Fame farrier Danny Ward shares things you can do in a few minutes a day to extend the lives of your tools
Danny Ward, the late farrier from Martinsville, Va., might have been as well known as a "tool guy" as he was a horseshoer. But the member of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, maintained that at least some of his penchant for tool repair and maintenance was a matter of necessity.
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Shoeing for a Living

Shoeing In California’s Wine Country

Farrier Matt Frederick works on a front foot of a horse in California’s Napa Valley, the center of the California wine country.
Farriers come into the business in many different ways and from many different fields. But Matt Frederick, who shoes in Napa Valley, Calif., may come as close as any to having a unique beginning.
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