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Forging a Business on the Side

Sharpening drill bits used in a local mining operation provides supplemental income for a Utah farrier
A used mining bit (top) next to one that Utah farrier Jacob Manning has cleaned up and resharpened. Manning also puts a proper edge on new bits. There are still plenty of horseshoers out there who see their business drop off considerably during the winter months.
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Shoeing for a Living

Mark of a Pro

Alabama farrier Mark Rikard has built a successful farrier business by focusing on results and emphasizing professionalism
The final days of February can’t quite decide if they want to be winter- or spring-like as we meet farrier Mark Rikard outside his home in suburban Birmingham, Ala.
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Shoeing for a Living

Farleys Bring the A-Game to Wellington-Area Shoeing

World-class equestrian competition brings out the best in horses, as well as the best in hoof care
Dave Farley’s late January day of “Shoeing For A Living” starts at Brooklyn Bagels, a deli-coffee shop, not far from his home in Wellington, Fla. There he meets his son and shoeing partner, Jay. He also hooked up with Red Renchin, the recently retired farrier who also serves as technical editor for American Farriers Journal, and me.
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Creative Packaging

When a Virginia vet/farrier faced a hoof with multiple problems, his solution included multiple parts
Sometimes you have to put in a little extra creativity to get the right shoeing package.
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The Backyard Horse

The Year of the Backyard Horse

Introducing a new AFJ series that will zero in on what many farriers say provides the backbone of their shoeing book
The first “Shoeing For A Living” story that I ever did pretty much revolved around backyard horses.
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