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Think The Situation Through Before You Pick A Therapeutic Shoe

Mechanics, cause and effect and a proper trim and fit are all aspects of the successful shoeing package
There are many shoes used by farriers in therapeutic work and not all of them are specifically designed to treat an injury. Rather than simply reaching for a heart bar shoe for a laminitis case, or a straight bar shoe for palmar heel pain, it’s important to first think about what you want the shoe to do and why.
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For Therapeutic Work, Farriers Need To Develop More Than Just Shoeing Skills

Ability to work as part of a team, think through problems and an understanding of anatomy and mechanics are vital
Your first career therapeutic shoeing situation is likely to be a surprise. You're called in to tack on a "lost shoe," and discover that the shoe has taken a pretty big chunk of the hoof with it. Or you discover a horse doesn't want to bear weight on a front foot. The owner - who is new to the horse world - can't understand it. The horse seemed happy enough when it was chowing down on all that lush green grass in the pasture a few days earlier.
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Health Hazards Of Hoof Care

Our online survey finds that horses and repetitive-strain injuries are most likely to cause farriers to miss work
Farriers are aware that theirs is a potentially hazardous occupation. Anytime a significant part of the workday is spent standing underneath animals that can weigh well over 1,000 pounds, while picking up one of its feet, there's obviously a chance that something could go wrong.
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Don't Let One Slip Ruin A Good Day

Remember, you’re always in the public eye and bad impressions can overwhelm good ones

Remember, you're always in the public eye and bad impressions can overwhelm good ones.

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