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Mint Vale Hammers

Don't Depend on Luck When Choosing a Specialty Hammer

Here are tips to consider when you’re craving new tools and checking out the possibilities this winter
’Tis the season. Days grow shorter and the skies threaten snow. Barns sit quiet. Horses stand barefoot. Farriers slow down and start daydreaming about the shiny new tools in magazine ads and winter trade show booths.
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Homepage Feature 7.13

Heel Concussion Can Pound A Hoof

Although heel concussion is a normal part of every stride, serious problems can arise when the foot is out of balance and the load takes an internal toll
Don’t think of heel concussion as a problem; it’s a part of the normal footfall as a hoof moves through its stride. But excessive heel concussion is a different matter — with the sneaky potential to get lost amid concerns about navicular syndrome and other causes of palmar pain.
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Cover Your Assets

Accidents happen without warning, but proper insurance protection that can keep you and your shoeing rig on the road requires planning
Odds are, you’ll never need to collect on a shoeing rig insurance policy because you’re a good driver who steers clear of accidents, right? Or could you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time?
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Prepare to Glue

Overcoming doubts about application methods and reliability can enable you and the horses to benefit from glue-on shoes

“There’s nothing intuitive about nailing a shoe on a horse. It’s a skill we develop to the point that most farriers drive in a nail and wring off the end without even thinking about what they’re doing.

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Diane Greene

Built to Work -- And to Last

Farrier Diane Greene wanted a rig that would keep her on the job and out of repair shops. After a shaky start, she's on the road again

Diane Greene shoes from a rig she loves: a 2006 Duramax Chevy diesel equipped to cope with an extra-heavy load and fit with a custom-made shoeing box. “I’m out driving 6 days a week, and I wanted something I could depend on,” she says.

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Acrylic Repairs Enable Horses and Farriers to Move Forward

Careful application of the basics of acrylic repairs can help inexperienced farriers advance both their careers and the hoof health of the horses they care for

If you’re ready to move your career beyond basic trimming and shoeing, the next step might be using acrylic glues to repair damaged or low-quality hooves. “Being able to perform acrylic repairs makes a farrier appear more professional in the eyes of clients

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How Comfortable Are You With Radiography?

If you’re not working with equine veterinarians to get a look inside problem hooves, you might not be doing all you can for the horses and their owners. Here’s how to get more involved with this technology
Sooner or later, most every farrier will come across a problem foot and wonder what's going on inside the hoof wall. So, when is it right for a farrier to request radiographs, and what's to be expected after such a request?
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Peeking Inside

Diagnostic imaging can give farriers an edge ­by looking inside the hoof, but horseshoers have to understand the ins and outs of various imaging techniques that have advanced far beyond the familiar X-ray technology.
Farriers working with equine veterinarians should be willing and able to gain insights into ailing hooves through the use of radiographs and other diagnostic imagining techniques.
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When Mileage Didn't Matter

Farrier designed his own shoeing body to provide easy access to tools long before customized farrier rigs came on the scene
When Bill Miller went into business for himself, in the days before custom-built shoeing bodies and specialty rigs, he bought his first truck, a 1950 Studebaker half-ton pickup. The truck served its purpose, he recalls, “but it was hard to maintain the equipment in the back with just a tarp thrown over my tools.”
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Punches and Fullers and Shoes That Stay On

Often taken for granted while they take a pounding day after day, punches and fullers are important tools in sound fundamental shoeing

It’s easy to overlook punches and fullers, tools that are beat on every day, often abused and replaced relatively often. But remember, Chip Hunt says, “The main thing holding a horseshoe on is a nail head that fits the shoe. It’s the nail head fitting tight and contacting with the shoe on all four sides of the nail.”

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