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Borium or Drill Tech?

Like Kleenex for facial tissues or Band-Aids for adhesive bandages, Borium and Drill Tech are brand names so widely recognized that they have become generic terms for the hardfacing products used by farriers. That could confuse any discussion of hardfacing products and their application.
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How To

Consider Using Hospital Plates When Sensitive Tissue is Exposed

Also, consult a veterinarian, who might choose to enhance treatment with radiographs and medication
Farriers moving from horse to horse commonly encounter hoof abscesses. Often during treatment, a severe hoof abscess or other foot problem will expose sensitive tissue, necessitating more extensive measures such as a veterinary examination and the application of a hospital plate.
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Practical Rig Tips

Owners Offer Insights on a Range of Rig Styles

Before choosing your dream shoeing rig, sleep on these tips from the farriers who work from them every day
Does your rig work for you or against you? Unless you’re one of the few farriers who have the horses brought to them, your shoeing rig goes a long way toward determining how easily and comfortably you work and travel every day.
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Forced Choice Becomes Surprisingly Simple And Convenient Shoeing Rig

Rob McCumber turned to an Extendo Bed because he had to, but found that life and work were a little easier after he did
Farrier Rob McCumber used to pull a walk-in shoeing trailer with his pickup truck. But then the homeowners' association in his Boynton Beach, Fla., neighborhood banned resident parking and storage of commercial utility trucks, so McCumber had to find an alternative.
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Telling Fact From Fiction In Horseshoeing

How to know the difference when looking for truth in the art and science of farriery
Think twice before believing anyone who claims to have the proven, best solutions to your shoeing challenges, warns equine veterinarian William Moyer of Texas A & M University, because the one right answer might not exist.
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Ways Of Welding

Welding Options Force Farriers To Make Choices

The familiar oxyacetylene torch welding has its advantages, but so do the various methods of arc welding

DECISIONS. DECISIONS. When it’s time to weld a horseshoe, farriers have more than one option for getting the job done. And for most shoes, oxyacetylene torch welding and the various types of electric arc welding will all produce a strong weld.

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