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A Dream On Wheels

This farrier’s vision of a customized shoeing truck becomes a ready-to-roll reality.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE that the rig Mike Rogers recently displayed at the first annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati is actually a 1996 Chevrolet pickup with 75,000 miles behind it.

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Dan Bradley

Two Jobs ... One Trailer

Dan Bradley is prepared to work on tools or hooves, and everything he needs travels with him around the country

VERSATILITY IS KEY to Dan Bradley’s rig. It was built to accommodate the work he does both as a farrier and as a tool technician for G.E. Forge & Tool Inc.

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Donald Jones

One-Time Barber, All-Time Farrier

From shoer and educator to designer and manufacturer, Donald Jones has covered a lot of ground in farriery

“C’MON IN AND HAVE A SEAT,” says Donald Jones, showing the way to a barber’s chair in the middle of the room. Jones sits down in an old office chair and turns away from a messy desktop in a corner of the slightly cluttered, dark-paneled office.

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Bill Scalzitti

Traveling Light

Track shoer’s rig a good fit in more ways than one

AFTER 30 YEARS, Bill Scalzitti knows what works best for his racetrack shoeing efforts. And it includes a rig design that lets him shoe as conveniently and comfortably as possible.

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Mike Ehlert

Getting By In The Face Of Ruin

It CAN happen to you. Serious illness or injury can bring financial disaster that rips apart a lifetime of shoeing work. An appropriate insurance package can be the safety net that keeps you from hitting absolute bottom.

IT WAS JUST 2 INCHES. Stepping onto the boat landing, the heel of Mike Ehlert’s left foot slipped just 2 inches, focusing all of his body weight on the twisting leg.

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World Champion Blacksmith

World Champion Blacksmith Crowned At The Calgary Stampede

After years of top 10 finishes, a Texas farrier completes his climb to the top with a narrow win over his friend and practice partner

AUSTIN EDENS, a 24-year-old from Graham, Texas, has been steadily climbing toward the top spot for a few years and finally reached the summit — the  title  of World Champion Blacksmith at the annual Calgary Stampede.

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