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Recognize Pedal Osteitis & Stop It Cold

The signature sign is a crescent-shaped bruise on the sole along the edge of the coffin bone, but the condition is not always so easy to diagnose

Pedal osteitis, an inflammation of the coffin bone usually resulting from severe bruising of the sole or consistent pressure on the bone, often reveals itself through an obvious, crescent-shaped bruise on the bottom of the foot.

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Private Farrier Schools Form Separate Organizations

Pending survey and criticism by the American Farrier’s Association prompt school owners to band together to defend their programs, standardize a basic curriculum and add a continuing education component

Facing an examination of their educational programs by the American Farrier’s Association and stung by criticism in an AFA task force report on farrier education, the majority of private farrier school owners in the United States have banded together in a new group called the American Farriers Education Council.

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Farrier Standard Debate

Wary Owners Eye School Survey As AFA Resurrects Licensing Issue

Private farrier school owners meet to discuss relationship with AFA, while the AFA also surveys its members about education, registration and licensing, and plans a meeting of its own
Caution, suspicion and resentment are brewing among the owners of private farrier schools as an American Farrier&'s Association task force prepares to look into the qualifications of all North American farrier schools.
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57 Chevy

Vintage Trucks Become Eye-Catching Shoeing Rigs

These 1950s-era pickups capture attention wherever they go after modern shoeing bodies are blended with the original lines and curves

Onlookers might ignore even the most elite show horses if the classic beauties turned into shoeing rigs by Dan Burke and Roy Bloom happen to drive up.

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Blake Brown

Reading Shoe Wear Gives Farriers An Edge

Not everyone does it, but farriers who know what they’re looking for on the bottom of old shoes can find clues to help keep a horse comfortable and healthy

Be sure to look at the shoes every time you pull them off,” says Blake Brown, a Penryn Calif., farrier who worked at a veterinarian clinic for 20 years.

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Owner Designs Rig For Handling, Comfort

The road doesn’t stop at the barn door, so farrier can come in from the tough Canadian weather in his custom-tailored rig

In the Great White North, harsh weather punishes farriers who aren’t prepared. David Glavind, who shoes in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada, won’t shiver if he can help it.

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AFA Task Force Being Revamped With New Members, Focus And Name

Education/Registration Task Force gives way as AFA leadership looks for representatives from inside and outside the group, and says school survey information will create database for students

AFTER A SURGE of controversy about its proposals on standardized farrier education and registration, the American Farrier’s Association has dismissed the original members of the Education/Registration Task Force who developed the plan and started looking for new members from inside and outside the AFA.

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