“Miracle” Horse Competitively Jumps Despite Missing Part Of Coffin Bone

New Jersey farrier creates shoeing package that keeps warmblood in the show ring
Czantis appears to be like any other equine athlete. Make no mistake, though, this 11-year-old gray gelding is rare. While Czantis has found modest success competing as an amateur hunter-jumper, the warmblood’s greatest achievement is that he’s in the ring at all.
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Opinions On Preventing And Treating White Line Disease

Hoof wall separation opens the door to the dreaded bacterial and fungus infection
Theoretically, treatment for white line disease should be simple — kill infection-causing bacteria and fungi. In reality, treating white line disease can be far more complicated. Bacteria and fungi naturally exist inside the hoof wall in a mutually beneficial relationship.
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Severe White Line Disease Causes Serious Problems

Infection leads to hoof capsule destabilization and coffin bone displacement in a Western Pleasure mare
White line disease (WLD) is a common hoof disorder, particularly in horses kept in moist or humid environments. While many cases are relatively minor, severe cases can develop that require the expertise of a farrier and veterinarian team.
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2018 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Treatment And Management Strategies For Acute And Chronic Laminitis

In his previous presentation, University of Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Andrew van Eps discussed our understanding of causes of laminitis. In this talk he’ll go through options for managing the acute or chronic laminitic horse. This presentation is not just on shoeing and using orthotics, but also offers more general management and basic medical strategies for a holistic understanding. He says it’s important to realize that you often can’t fix laminitis by only addressing hoof care.
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2018 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Understanding The Basic Mechanisms That Lead To Laminitis In Different Situations

We know conditions like obesity or contralateral leg lameness can lead to laminitis. But do we really understand why this occurs? In this years, The Burney Chapman Memorial Lecture, presented by Life Data Labs, Dr. Andrew van Eps from the University of Pennsylvania will examine this and reveal what we know vs. suspect. The researcher’s presentation will rely on modern work looking at laminitis.
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