Farrier Game Plan for Beating White Line Disease And Thrush

The first line of defense against hoof disease is usually the farrier. Although horse owners may want their farrier to quickly eliminate a suspected hoof infection in one treatment as part of the routine trimming and shoeing, it is important to provide sound advice in the form of a game plan. The reality is that deeply rooted infections like white line disease and chronic thrush are nearly impossible to kill with one application of a strong topical agent.
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Trimming, Shoeing Backyard Horses Critical To Farrier Success

While trimming and shoeing backyard horses is a great way to get started in the business, this part of the footcare market still represents a large portion of income for many veteran farriers
Working with backyard horses represents the “bread and butter” of many farrier businesses. In fact, data from the 2016 American Farriers Journal “Farrier Business Practices Survey” indicates 92% of all farriers work with a number of backyard horse owners.
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What Causes Supporting Limb Laminitis?

Improving circulation in loaded foot is the key to avoiding disease
Barbaro was expected to break the Triple Crown drought in 2006 by becoming the first colt to claim the illustrious title in nearly 3 decades. He handily won the Kentucky Derby and was the favorite to win the Preakness Stakes.
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Shoeing For A Living

Colorado Farrier Embraces Learning Opportunities To Benefit Horses

Steve Foxworth incorporates a mindset of learning and growth in his life and hoof-care practice
Failure is not an option, or so we’ve been told. If you ask Steve Foxworth, though, failure not only is an option, it’s embraced. You see, there are more learning opportunities in failure than there are in success.
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Connection Between Body Shape And Metabolic Issues

Looking at a horse can tell a lot of things, but now, researchers can tell even more. A study at the Queensland University of Technology looks at the link between size and shape measurements and certain hormone concentrations in ponies. It is believed that ponies with more fat will suffer more ailments, including equine metabolic syndrome (EMS).
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What’s Causing Pastern Dermatitis in Horses?

No one likes red, itchy feet, especially your horse. A quick fix, one might think, is to slather some salve on your horse’s red or crusty skin, and it’ll just go away, but pastern dermatitis in horses can’t be fixed by store-bought lotions. In fact, covering up the lesions, scabs or crust can make the problem worse. If left untreated, the problem on your horse’s legs could lead to frustration, discomfort and soundness issues, according to Kentucky Equine Research.
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