Jessica Lash

Jessica Lash

Jessica Lash is an Indiana-based freelance writer, dedicated barrel racer, and lifelong horse enthusiast



Preventing and Managing Equine Stifle Injuries

Understanding the joint and pain indicators can help farriers identify small issues before they develop into big problems
The stifle joint’s complexity subjects it to a variety of pathologies that range in severity from a decrease in performance to crippling lameness.
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Rethinking Equine White Line Disease

Keratinolytic disease of the zona alba is a more accurate term for this common hoof ailment

Keratinolytic disease of the zona alba (KDZA), commonly known as white line disease, is a hoof pathology present across a wide range of breeds and disciplines. Referred to previously as hollow wall or seedy toe — as well as by various other descriptors — KDZA emerged as the most clinically correct term for the pathology when it was introduced in 2018 by fourth-generation farrier and author Simon Curtis, PhD, FWCF (Hons), HonAssocRVCS, of Newmarket, England.

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Putting a Stop to Equine Thrush

Winning the battle against this hoof ailment requires a multi-faceted approach
Thrush is a common problem in equine hoof care. The result of less-than-ideal environmental conditions coupled with poor hoof hygiene, thrush can range in severity from causing mild discomfort during hoof picking to outright lameness.
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Farrier Tips

Deciphering Why a Horse Fails to Perform

Determining the best approach to shoeing a horse that is underperforming begins with understanding why the horse is failing to perform at its peak. Experienced riders are a great source of information. They often pick up subtle changes that can be difficult to detect while observing the horse move.
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The Pros and Cons of Hoof Pads

Farriers must consider the advantages and disadvantages before application
The use of pads in various shoeing applications can quickly become a controversial topic. While many people recognize the potential benefits of using pads, others have had off-putting experiences that left them opposed to their use.
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