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Shoeing for a Living

A Balanced Approach In Oregon

Mark Voorhis bases his shoeing on horsemanship, well-honed skills and a keen sense of observation
The day is about what you expect for western Oregon in late February; grey and damp, with atmospheric moisture varying from a heavy mist to a steady, light rain.
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The Widest Part of the Foot

A study of locating internal hoof structures from external references
A primary hoof-care goal always has been to trim the hoof so that it provides support and stability to the distal phalanx (hence the bony column), regardless of whether a horse is being shod or left barefoot.
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Product Knowledge

A Power Tool for Hoof Trimming

Merlin Electric Hoof Knife draws interest at the International Hoof-Care Summit
During a product knowledge presentation at the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, in February, Allen DeWolf drew laughter when he showed a slide with three phrases on it that he readily admitted probably didn’t seem to go together to most farriers.
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Dealing with Sheared Heels

The causes of this common problem may be more complex than they appear on the surface
Among many of the challenges a farrier must deal with are sheared heels. Scott Morrison, the veterinarian and farrier who leads the Podiatry Department at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, Ky., says this problem is usually the result of less than ideal conformation. Usually the horse toes in or out, putting more stress on one side of the hoof wall (and heel) than the other. When a horse develops sheared heels, the stressed heel becomes jammed upward, the hoof symmetry is distorted and one heel is bearing most of the weight.
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Online with the Farriers’ Forum

Trimming And Shoeing Gaited Horses

I am fairly new to the farrier business and came across a client who has several gaited horses. They’re all different breeds — a Missouri Fox Trotter, some spotted saddle horses and a Tennessee Walker.
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Shoeing For a Living

For The Good Of The Horsey

Ohio farrier keeps a sense of wonder and appreciation that he’s making a living working with the animals he loves
Dean Moshier knows that it seems a little odd to hear him greet a client with, "So how's the horsey doing today?"
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