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Recognizing Farriers for All You Do

The 13th annual National Farriers Week is a time for clients to recognize the quality work of shoers
For the 13th consecutive year, American Farriers Journal is proud to sponsor National Farriers Week, July 10-16, 2011. We’ve encouraged horse owners and all other members of the equine community to recognize the dedication and hard work that farriers display 365 days a year.
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Shoeing For A Living

Making The Thoroughbred Rounds

Bluegrass farrier’s typical day takes him from foals, through yearlings to working racehorses
The Lexington, Ky., farrier, who has been shoeing Thoroughbred horses in the Bluegrass Country for 27 years, spends his mornings at area breeding barns, where he might handle a foal’s foot for the first time, trim a barn full of brood mares or nail the first pair of shoes on the front feet of a yearling just before a sale.
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Farrier How-To

Managing the Base-Narrow Horse

When you come across a base-narrow horse due to medial-lateral imbalance, this approach could address the issue within two shoeings
If you shoe horses, you’ll come across base-narrow, high-inside heeled horses.
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Tool Care

Sharp, Sharp, Sharper!

Here’s an easy-to-follow hoof knife sharpening process to make trimming much more efficient
More farriers are relying on low-cost buffers and sharpening wheels as a more effective way of sharpening and honing hoof knives.
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Common Mediolateral Metrics of the Equine Fore Foot Following the Use of a Standardized Trimming Technique

Border asymmetry in hooves seems influenced by conformation, shifts in loading
Mediolateral foot imbalance has been cited as a prolific cause of, or a predisposing factor for equine lameness (Stashak 1987; Balch et al. 1995; Wilson et al. 1998). Wilson et al. (1998) demonstrated that the elevation of one area of the equine foot results in an increased load in the region. They conclude a horse is unable to compensate for acute foot imbalance by redistributing the load under the foot.
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