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Challenging Common Shoeing Beliefs

Scientific investigation on shoe placement and other topics of farriery continue to affect widely-held theories
Shoeing horses has often been termed a “necessary evil.” Certainly, it is not natural, but neither is the domesticated life most horses must endure. Domestication results in a separation of the horse from the natural environment and lifestyle which directed its evolution.
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Common Mediolateral Metrics of the Equine Fore Foot Following the Use of a Standardized Trimming Technique

Border asymmetry in hooves seems influenced by conformation, shifts in loading
Mediolateral foot imbalance has been cited as a prolific cause of, or a predisposing factor for equine lameness (Stashak 1987; Balch et al. 1995; Wilson et al. 1998). Wilson et al. (1998) demonstrated that the elevation of one area of the equine foot results in an increased load in the region. They conclude a horse is unable to compensate for acute foot imbalance by redistributing the load under the foot.
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Battling Laminitis

Crucial Care For Sound Footing

English farrier reviews the progression of this dreaded disease
Laminitis is never a minor thing. We should have etched in our minds that laminitis is a debilitating, crippling disease which causes extreme pain and distress to horses and, in all cases, should be treated as a clinical emergency.
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Start Foals Off On Right Foot

Conformation and balance are important to every horse, but when dealing with foals it's a must
CONFORMATION AND UNEVEN weight distribution can have major effects on limb structure and foot shape in mature horses.
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