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The Low-Down on Keeping a Hoof Low

Mirror, Hoofjack and a grinder keep a horse with a locked knee more comfortable and a farrier safer
Farriers frequently run into situations when they want to keep the hoof of a horse low as they trim and work on it. It's a fairly common practice with older horses or those experiencing joint soreness or that have suffered hock and fetlock injuries.
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A Friesian's Hooves Crack and Fold

Q: About a year ago, I purchased a recently imported Friesian and brought him to Southern California. He was shod at the time, but I prefer barefoot so figured I should give it a try.
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Trimming Minis Is No Small Deal

Reversing your ideas about trimming may pay dividends when working with miniature horses
Frank Lupton says miniature horses aren’t just scaled down versions of their full-sized counterparts, especially where the feet are concerned.
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More Shoers Share Their Thoughts on Signposts in the Hoof

Responses keep coming in on survey of landmarks farriers use to guide them in their hoof trimming
Last issue, we shared some of the responses we received to an e-mail we sent out asking our readers to let us know what landmarks they use to guide their trimming. Responses continue coming in and we thought we’d share some more of them with you.
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Double-Barreled Hoof-Care Advice

Dealing with Trimming & Shoeing Woes

Whether arguing for shorter trimming intervals or using specialty shoes, knowledge is essential
As part of last winter’s sixth annual International Hoof-Care Summit, two veteran farriers tackled a number of the most frequently asked questions concerning trimming and shoeing situations.
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Celebrating the Industry

The 11th annual National Farriers Week is a time for clients to recognize the quality work of shoers
When you flip the calendar to July, you are probably hitting your peak shoeing period. Unlike the rest of the population, you aren’t counting down the days to a summer vacation on a sandy beach — you are focused on business
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Signposts of the Hoof

An informal survey finds many different landmarks are used to guide hoof trimming
Just about all farriers and hoof-care professionals acknowledge that the trim is the foundation of good hoof care. There isn’t much argument about that.
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