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Summit Attendees Describe 105 "Wow" Factors

The eighth International Hoof-Care Summit offered plenty of valuable ideas that farriers and equine vets will put to use back home
The 2011 edition of the International Hoof-Care Summit once again sent attendees home with hundreds of fresh ideas to improve their footcare work and more effectively run their farrier businesses.
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Shoeing For A Living

A Shoeing Career Built On A Strong Foundation

Attention to top-notch service has paid off for Florida farrier Daryl Bean

The first and only stop on Daryl Bean's "Shoeing For A Living" day is a good testimony to the importance of giving every horse and client top-notch service.

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New Mexico Shoe-Shaping Experiment Produces Unexpected Results

Little variation found as nine farriers forge keg shoes to fit the same trimmed foot
Farriers all have slightly different shoe-shaping styles and a few have some very different techniques. Just about any farrier has pulled a shoe that was nailed on by someone else and puzzled over what that other horseshoer could have been thinking when he chose that shape.
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Hoof Care As Preventative Maintenance

Grant Moon urges farriers to head off problems in advance during final Wagon Mound Ranch Supply shoeing clinic
Grant Moon sees horseshoeing, in part, as a program of preventative maintenance. He told about 75 horseshoers at a clinic at Wagon Mound Ranch Supply in Solano, N.M., that a big part of their job is preventing injuries while maximizing performance.
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Heard at the Summit

Shoeing Around the Coffin Joint

Scottish farrier Jim Ferrie says to let the coffin joint guide you when tackling cases of imbalance
The coffin joint is the most distal joint in the equine limb and, consequently, comes under a tremendous amount of pressure from above.
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Hoof-Care Email Q&A

What kind of hoof coatings, if any, do you use and what benefits do you think they provide?
I use Hoof Heal by Cut Heal. I started experimenting on harness horses because they have hard, strong feet that need to be pliable for the hard surface they race on.
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Shoeing for a Living

Practice, Practice, Practice

Dedication and drive take Colorado farrier Jim Quick from mass-production shoeing at dude ranches to top dressage horses
Jim Quick is starting his day of “Shoeing For A Living” early this morning. He’s driven into the heart of Denver, Colo., from his home in Longmont, some 45 minutes to the north.
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Shoeing Effect on Phases of the Stance

Study finds new rolled-toe shoe model improves breakover smoothness, lessens impact and loading
Does a rolled-toe shoe really have any effect on breakover? Farriers have long felt that it does, but scientific evidence of this — as well as for many other questions regarding the effect of trimming and shoeing — has been sadly lacking.
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