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Farriery for the Young Horse

Proper hoof care in the first weeks of a foal’s life is essential
Among the many factors that dictate the success of the foal as a sales yearling or a mature athlete are decisions and management concerning feet and limbs during the first few months of life.
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Shoeing For A Living

All In The Shoeing Family

Husband-and-wife Peter and Angie Reynolds each have their own way of running a shoeing business
The first stop of the day for Angie Reynolds doesn't actually involve shoeing. It's just a short distance from her rural home near White, Ga. She pulls her truck to the side of the road and her three children - Matthew, 11, Andrew, 8, and Katrina, 6 - pile out at their school bus stop. Angie waits a few minutes until the bus arrives and she sees the kids safely away. Then she's ready to start her "Shoeing For A Living" day.
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Make the Most of the Economic Downturn

Here are valuable income-boosting ideas suggested by footcare professionals to help you ride out the current economic storm
There's no doubt that effective pricing and getting paid are critical to your success. While there is no easy answer, no quick fix or any single solution, there are numerous things you can do to adapt to the current troublesome economic conditions.
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Product Knowledge

How I Met the Iron Halter

Farrier won over by effectiveness of Noavel Headstall’s use in potentially dangerous situations.
As a horseshoeing school owner, there is no end to the bad horses I get to work on. Once most guys have reached the point in their careers that I have, bad horses are a part of the distant past, a reputable farrier simply has to say no and can afford to do so.
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Hoof Trimming Via Hoof Mapping

Veteran farrier finds technique helps avoid trimming too much or too little from horses’ hooves
When trimming hooves for shoeing or for a horse that’s going barefoot, I see a lot of up-and-coming farriers go through stages of either trimming too little or too much hoof. The right touch is tough to learn.
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Hoof Trimming Dos and Don'ts

A Hall Of Fame shoer’s tips on this essential footcare task
The trim is the key to establishing a level hoof and using the right tools in the right way are essential elements in accomplishing this task. No tool in the world can take the place of skilled handling. Bob Peacock, owner of Farrier Science Clinic in Hamilton, Ohio, and a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, offers this advice, based on the more than 40 years he's spend in hoof care.
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Double-Barreled Hoof-Care Advice

Dealing With Scheduling, Pricing Obstacles

It’s never easy to deal with clients who want to stretch out hoof-care schedules or object to additional costs

At last winter’s fifth annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, two veteran farriers tackled a number of frequently asked questions about the footcare industry. For the second straight year, this “Point/Counterpoint” discussion proved to be among the highlights of this annual event.

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Online With the Farriers' Forum

Farriers Weigh in on Missing Frogs

A client has obtained a rescue horse, which I trimmed about 10 weeks ago. At that time, the frog was gone from three hooves. I didn’t think anything about it since most horses were shedding frogs at that time.

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Evaluate Every Hoof Before Trimming

Everything seen on the hoof is important to farriers, veterinarians and owners

Horses aren’t uniform creatures. Each one has a slight — or not so slight —deviation in conformation that affects the way it travels and performs. That’s why Michael Wildenstein stresses the importance of evaluating everything —from the hairline of the hoof to the muscling in the shoulders — when trimming and shoeing.

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Shoeing For A Living

Blood And Bones

Maryland farrier bases his hoof care on attention to bony column alignment and encouraging circulation
The foundation of hoof care for farrier Doug Anderson comes down to something that sounds like it could be the name of a pirate or horror movie — Blood and Bones.
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