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Hot (and Cold) Tips for Better Forging

Some of the most important work a farrier does takes place at least a few feet from the horse that's being shod. Skills at the anvil can set a farrier apart from run-of-the-mill shoers. The ability to hand forge specialty shoes or fine-tune keg shoes can greatly enhance your ability to increase your shoeing incomes.
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A Salute to a Profession That's So Much More…

National Farriers Week honors those who see “The good of the horse” as more than a slogan
For the 12th consecutive year, American Farriers Journal is proud to sponsor National Farriers Week. From July 11-17, we’re encouraging the horse-owning public to take notice of the hard work and dedication that farriers put on display 365 days a year, as well as asking them to acknowledge the important role that hoof-care professionals play in the health of their horses.
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Shoeing for a Living

Managing Grand Prix Hooves

The top show horses that Florida farrier James Gilchrist sees face a grueling schedule — and so does he
For Florida, it’s a relatively cool November morning — meaning it’s still shirt-sleeve weather as “Team Gilchrist” gathers at the home of farrier James Gilchrist to embark on a day of “Shoeing For A Living.”
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Product Knowledge

A Power Tool for Hoof Trimming

Merlin Electric Hoof Knife draws interest at the International Hoof-Care Summit
During a product knowledge presentation at the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, in February, Allen DeWolf drew laughter when he showed a slide with three phrases on it that he readily admitted probably didn’t seem to go together to most farriers.
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Product Innovation

Tough Times are Good Times for Some Products

David Manuel sees increased sales of Easy Sharp Liquid, which extends rasp life
Challenging economic times can actually be a boost for certain products — such as those that offer a way to extend the shelf life of essential tools.
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Product Innovation

Driving Nails with a New Twist

Interchangeable screw-in heads make Montana inventor’s driving hammers more versatile
It probably seems difficult to come up with a new twist on a driving hammer, but Gray Mapston has done just that — literally.
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International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame

Hall Doors Open For Four Farriers, Two Veterinarians

Six outstanding professionals are honored for service to horses and the hoof-care industry
Four farriers and a pair of equine veterinarians were added to the rosters of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame during a ceremony at the International Hoof-Care Summit on Thursday, Feb. 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Thorough Lameness Exam Starts Before you Pick up a Hoof

Equine veterinarian urges Summit attendees to use more than their eyes when evaluating horses
Harry Werner, an equine veterinarian from North Granby, Mass., and past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, believes that a thorough equine foot examination in lameness cases should begin long before you pick up the horse's foot.
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Biomechanics and Hoof Care

Researchers are gathering data that will help dictate what farriers, trainers and veterinarians will do in the future
The first time Jeff Thomason attached strain gauges to a horse's hoof was also the first step on what turned out to be a pretty ambitious quest.
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