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Fetlock Support Shoe Helps Suspensory Ligament Injuries

Use of a long-forgotten shoe can speed up the healing process by reducing the amount of stress often found with these types of injuries
With performance horses and racehorses, suspensory ligament injuries are often a significant cause of lameness. Most importantly, the constant stress placed on these ligaments after an injury occurs can be a major concern during the healing process.
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Soring Charges Dismissed Against Farrier

Tennessee shoer finds himself caught in the middle of a much larger, complicated situation
Charges of animal cruelty against farrier Blake Primm were dismissed in late August in a Tennessee courtroom. The Louisville, Tenn., farrier had been arrested and charged in conjunction with several others in a soring case in mid-June.
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Afternoon-Only Work For Island Farrier

Juggling a half dozen jobs keeps this part-time farrier burning the candle at both ends on long summer days
The early morning manager of a coffee shop. A fire department emergency medical technician. A drummer in a local band. A weekend cook for a catering company.
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What We've Learned About Part-Time Farriers

Every 2 years, we conduct the exclusive American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices Survey, which reveals the latest trends and statistics on how hoof-care professionals operate their businesses. In the latest survey published a year ago, part-time farriers represented 26% of the farriers that took the time to answer our 4-page, 70-question survey.

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