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Celebrating 40 Remarkable Years

Equine footcare has seen many significant changes over the past 4 decades
Back in March of 1975, Henry Heymering mailed out the first issue of American Farriers Journal. Both the original 8-page issue (printed in its entirety starting at right) and the farrier industry have come a long way over the past 40 years.
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Frankly Speaking

The U.S. Equine Industry Is Gearing Up For A Comeback

Results from recent surveys of both horse owners and farriers indicate there are more positive signs for growth in the equine industry than we’ve seen in nearly a decade. While we’re not yet ready for a return to the glory times that took place prior to the 2008 recession, there’s data to indicate better times are ahead for farriers, footcare product suppliers, horse owners and trainers alike.
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Free At Last!

Turning a low-cost horse trailer into a shoeing rig lets this farrier use his truck for many other purposes
Several years ago, Dave Ferguson decided he no longer wanted to dedicate an expensive pickup truck 100% to shoeing work. As a result, the Cambridge, Md., shoer switched to a shoeing trailer that he could unhook when he wanted to use the truck for other purposes.
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Frankly Speaking

Retirement Is In The Works For One Of Our AFJ Staffers

In January of 1986, my wife, Pam, and I interviewed Alice Musser for the position of trade show coordinator with our family publishing company. We had a turnover in this position only 6 weeks before the next late-winter show. We quickly learned that there were many loose ends that hadn’t been taken care of for this upcoming event that included 225 trade show booths and 1,800 attendees.
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News & Notes

Alice Musser Announces Retirement From American Farriers Journal

After 23 years of leading the advertising and marketing efforts for American Farriers Journal and the International Hoof-Care Summit, Alice Musser is officially retiring on April 30. Over the years, she has turned in a magnificent performance while working closely with farrier industry suppliers, magazine readers, Summit attendees and many others involved in the equine hoof-care world.
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From The Desk Of AFJ

Welcome To The New

In early April, we officially unveiled a completely redesigned website. Featuring a clean, organized look with easy-to-browse content, the website will be the largest depository of equine footcare news and insights found anywhere on the Internet, with years of American Farriers Journal magazine content and containing all of the stories that have appeared in our bi-weekly Hoof-Care Insider e-newsletter.
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Find A Place For Synthetics In Your Shoeing Arsenal

Sometime in its lifetime, every horse may benefit from wearing a synthetic shoe
Even if you've relied extensively on steel and aluminum shoes for years, maybe it's time to take a break from tradition. By carrying a few synthetic shoes in your rig, you might come up with a few innovations to deal with troublesome footcare concerns that occasionally show up with some of the horses you regularly work with.
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