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Horse Owners Want More Footcare Details

Recent surveys reveal significant differences between what farriers believe clients are seeking in terms of information and what horse owners really want
Results from two recent American Farriers Journal surveys indicate horse owners want considerably more hoof-care information than many farriers are providing. The owners also urged farriers to improve communications, get tougher on collecting past due payments and start accepting credit cards.
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Horse Owners Are Asking For More Footcare Details

As described in detail on pages 24 and 25 of the March 2015 issue of American Farriers Journal, several recent surveys reveal significant differences between what farriers believe clients are seeking in terms of footcare information and what horse owners say they really want.
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Be Part Of The "Great American Horse Drive"

Here's your chance to be part of an extraordinary journey while galloping at full speed on one of the old West's famous ranching traditions. Thanks to the sponsorship of Life Data Labs, this amazing four-part video series from American Farriers Journal takes you along as a visitor on a horse drive that the Sombrero Ranch has been conducting in northwestern Colorado for more than 50 years.
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Know What It Costs You To Trim And Shoe

While a new farrier’s top priority is the care of hooves, you’ve got to be equally concerned with earning a living and dealing with the numerous business aspects of the profession. This means knowing what it really costs you to trim and shoe horses.
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Should Your Kid Become A Farrier? Or An Equine Vet?

Let's say you have a teenager who has grown up around horses and seems interested in pursuing a career in the equine industry. He or she has watched you succeed as a farrier and also has seen all the good work your family's veterinarian has done to keep horses in good health.
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Farrier Income Continues Gradual Gain

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices survey indicates the hoof-care industry is holding its own and is apparently doing better than other areas of the equine market
Despite a slower than anticipated recovery in the overall equine community, farriers appear to be doing considerably better than 2 years ago with average incomes increasing by 12% for full-time farriers and by an astounding 50% for part-time farriers.
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Spacious Truck Provides Convenience, Inventory And A Comfortable Ride

The necessary equipment and supplies to shoe Saddlebreds are readily available when this big rig hits the road
Shoeing Saddlebreds, Bill Hill requires a truck where he can inventory a huge number of products, wants a weather-protected area for working on these complicated pad and shoe packages without having to pack up his tools between stops and needs a warm, dry place to work in the Midwest’s ever-changing weather.
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Farrier Advice Stands The Test Of Time

A few days ago, I was looking back at some of the earlier issues of American Farriers Journal that we've published since taking over the magazine in 1992. And as is the case with most of the equine footcare articles we've produced over the past several decades, most of the information is still valid today.

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