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Supplements Are One Piece of The Quality Hoof Puzzle

Seven out of 10 horses do not get a full serving of a fortified grain or complete feed, which may mean inadequate levels of key vitamins and minerals needed for hoof health
When recommending hoof supplements to clients, Jessica Normand says it's critical for farriers to stress the proper expectations for these products. The SmartPak staffer told attendees at a How-To Clinic during the 2014 International Hoof-Care Summit that horse owners have to recognize that healthy hooves require regular, professional maintenance along with plenty of exercise and activity.
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Boost Profits With Boots

Modifying boots is a profit-building skill you should add to your footcare practice
Since some owners often want a part-time protective device for their horses, hoof boots continue to grow in popularity. But who should provide the boots, fit and adjust them?
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Seven Honored For Outstanding Hoof-Care Contributions

This year’s Hall Of Fame inductees include seven talented individuals who were honored for their life-long achievement in the footcare field
Four farriers and three equine veterinarians were honored for their outstanding equine footcare work during Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies that took place during this winter’s 11th annual International Hoof-Care Summit.
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Shoeing for a Living

No Need to Specialize

By handling many kinds of footcare work in a concentrated area, this South Texas farrier stays close to home so he can spend valuable time with his family
With a huge number of horses in his South Texas area, Matt Cooper finds he doesn't have to specialize with his trimming and shoeing work. Instead the Cleveland, Texas, farrier's diversified business offers quality footcare services to clients involved with trail rides, drafts, miniatures, rodeo, backyard horses, racing, mounted police and performance events.
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End Of An Era At The Calgary Stampede

It was certainly a surprise when we heard the Calgary Stampede was dropping the World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition after 35 years. Not only was this decision a surprise to the farrier community, but it also was also a shock to the blacksmith competition organizers who had not suspected the elimination of this valuable learning experience.

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