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Cryotherapy and Lame Horses

Researchers examine cryotherapy’s analgesic effects with study of horses with induced lameness
Standing a horse in a cold creek was an old horseman’s remedy. Times have changed since this early iteration of cryotherapy, as today we have advanced products to provide the same treatment in clinical and field settings through more controlled and effective processes.
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Book Review

Equine Laminitis

By James K. Belknap and Raymond J. Goer
Renowned researchers James K. Belknap and Raymond J. Goer are the editors for the book Equine Laminitis, released in January 2017 by Wiley Publishing. This 472-page book is necessary for all equine practitioners, specifically all farriers, as well as equine veterinarians.
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Research Journal

This article is an excellent literature review and offers a summary of the two leading theories on the biology of acute laminitis caused by systemic illness. Vascular theory suggests a relationship to altered blood flow. Metabolic theory proposes toxins and enzymes acting at the cellular level are responsible.
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Book Notes

Filling The Area Between Farrier & Vet

Corrective Farriery: A Textbook Of Remedial Horseshoeing

FARRIERS CAN DO the vast majority of their work without consulting a veterinarian. Conversely, equine vets can do a lot of their work without getting together with a horseshoer.

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When it comes to addressing stabilization of the hoof and distal phalanx in laminitis cases, Pat Riley likes to take radiographs before and after every trimming and shoeing.

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