Travis Burns

Travis Burns, CJF (TE), AWCF is chief farrier and lecturer at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Va.


Book Review

Equine Laminitis

By James K. Belknap and Raymond J. Goer
Renowned researchers James K. Belknap and Raymond J. Goer are the editors for the book Equine Laminitis, released in January 2017 by Wiley Publishing. This 472-page book is necessary for all equine practitioners, specifically all farriers, as well as equine veterinarians.
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Histologic Characterization Of The Laminar Interface At The Crena Marginis Solearis In Horses

Farrier’s research examines the microscopic anatomy of the laminar interface at the distal margin of the distal phalanx of equine forefeet with the presence of a crena marginis solearis
The horse’s distal phalanx is attached to the inside of the hoof capsule by interdigitating dermal (from the distal phalanx) and epidermal lamellae (from the hoof). This connection is commonly referred to as the laminar interface.
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Booknotes: An Unparalled Presentation Of Equine Anatomy

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide)

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide) is the latest book by veterinary surgeon and researcher Christopher C. Pollitt. Released in December 2015 by Elsevier as a follow-up to Pollit’s renowned book, Color Atlas of the Horse’s Foot, which is no longer in print. This 272-page book is a must-have for all equine practitioners specifically all farriers and equine veterinarians.

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