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How Leaning Affects Equine Anatomy

The lack of a collarbone influences the form and function of the hoof

There are many differences between the skeletons of horses and humans. One that needs to be clear in the minds of all farriers — and all riders and trainers, too — is the fact that humans have collarbones while horses lack them completely. The consequences of this difference impact every aspect of horsemanship, and that certainly includes the form and function of the equine hoof.

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How Straightness Affects the Equine Hoof

Crooked horses can lead to a multitude of hoof, movement and lameness problems
Articulation is one of those words that reverberates with multiple meanings. In this first installment of a series concerning straightness and its effects on the hoof, I intend to supply not only language by which you can articulate the relevant concepts but also to convey a multifaceted concept of all that “straightness” encompasses.
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The Critical Importance of the Horse’s Stifle and Hock in Movement

The hind limb reciprocating system coordinates motion and economizes the required effort

Probably the most famous anatomical demonstration that students of equine anatomy regularly see in the dissecting room — and certainly one of the most spectacular and interesting — is the coordinated opening and closing of the central joints of the hind limb, the “classic” hind limb reciprocation.

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Understanding Ligaments and Tendons in Horses

In this first in a series, Dr. Deb Bennett discusses the scope of her anatomy lessons and misconceptions she finds with ligaments and tendons.
The specialized and fascinating anatomy and function of the reciprocating systems, which aid locomotion in horses, is crucially important for farriers. I want to begin by clearing up some confusions about anatomical terminology, as well as make clear my approach to teaching horse anatomy.
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