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From The AFJ Archives: November 2017

November 1987 — Business Management – Now, A Financial Primer for Career Farriers
1987 ARTICLE OVERVIEW For many years, this directory issue has delivered practical farrier business insight along with the resource information. That wasn’t always the case.
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So It’s Time To Sell Your Farrier Business

If you’re thinking about retirement or switching occupations, determining the value of your footcare business isn’t easy
The sale of any business is complicated, and selling a small, personal-service business like a farrier practice that is built around developing successful client relationships is even more difficult. A business sale is composed of two parties exchanging assets that they agree are of similar value. In this case, this usually would mean paying all cash or coming up with some type of a combination of a cash payment plus an earn-out arrangement when purchasing a farrier business.
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Jeremy McGovern
From The Desk Of AFJ

How Will You Retire?

If there is any subject that should have a click-bait article title to trick readers into it, I can’t think of a better candidate than financing a retirement plan. Most retirement solicitations and articles should come with the same government warning as alcohol and medication — they may cause drowsiness.
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Farrier Tips

Quick Tip: $4 Per Horse; An Easy Method Of Saving For Retirement

Many farriers have often told me they plan to save little to nothing for retirement. The sad thing is that while we all wish we could shoe forever, one day we will all have to hang up our aprons for good. When retirement comes, don't be left scraping by on a meager social security check. Besides, in a decade or two the money pot may all be gone anyway!
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The Hoof-Care Bottom Line

10 Ways to Advance Your Business

Investing in business education will help you run your farrier business more efficiently, more effectively and more economically
Many small business owners don't succeed due to a lack of understanding on how to effectively run their operations.
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