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Farrier Tips

How To Avoid Running Out Of Propane

There are few farriers who haven’t been hit with the dreaded feeling that comes with forgetting to fill a propane tank. Jimmy Petty made sure he didn’t experience it again when he had two 30-pound tanks connected.
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Fire Up That Forge

Hot tips for packing more heat into your shoeing work
There is probably no single piece of equipment that has changed how farriers do their jobs more than the portable propane forge. From shaky beginnings when they were seen more as a novelty, they have become virtually a necessity for farriers who want to hot fit and hot shoe away from their own shops.
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Rig Safety is Every Farrier's Business

From proper propane storage to solid driving practices, ensure safety when traveling from client to client
The slogan “safety is everybody’s business” is a common one, but if you’re the business owner, you can also add “the buck stops here” when it comes to shoeing rig safety. If you’re not paying attention to it, who is?
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Practical Tool Tips

83 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Shoeing Tools

Check these practical shoeing tool tips, tricks and techniques you can put to use tomorrow morning in your shoeing work
When you're looking for new ways to get better performance out of your shoeing tools, the best way is to swap ideas with other farriers.

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Take Care With Propane!

Proper installation of a frame-mounted tank costs extra dollars, but pays off in safety
Jim Halverson survived a major propane accident himself, so it isn’t surprising to find out that he’s adamant about practicing proper propane safety.
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