There are few farriers who haven’t been hit with the dreaded feeling that comes with forgetting to fill a propane tank. Jimmy Petty made sure he didn’t experience it again when he had two 30-pound tanks connected.

“I had my propane man make it up for me,” says the Lexington, N.C., farrier. “Having two tanks hooked together has saved me in several occasions. If I’m at a barn shoeing all day long and the forge starts sputtering, all I have to do is turn one off and turn the other on and I keep right on going.”

Petty made it even easier for himself by mounting the tanks with a metal bracket on a wooden slide out shelf.

“When I fill the tanks back up, I rotate them out where I try to run off the front tank because it’s easier to grab,” he explains. “All you have to do is turn the knob. I never have to worry about being halfway through a barn and not being able to finish.”


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