No Foot, No Farrier

Evaluating what to wear on your own two feet? It’s more complicated than you might think
With 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles, the human foot has a lot of places where things can go wrong.
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Ideas On Building And Maintaining A Brand

Two marketing-savvy farriers share how they’ve developed brands to represent their practices
The brand of a business is the sum total of its services, marketplace reputation, day-to-day practices, ability to get the job done and meet the customer’s expectations. In a nutshell, it’s how existing and potential clients understand what you do and how you can help them.
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Branding Your Farrier Practice for Success Down the Road

Branding may be one of those marketing buzzwords, but applying its basic concepts to a farrier practice can pay off
A livestock brand is a mark unique to the owner, allowing the animal to be instantly recognizable as property. A business brand serves a similar purpose - it lets potential customers quickly assess who and what you're all about and whether your services or products are a good fit for their needs.
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Horseshoeing Habits and Hardships

How Your Enviornment and Equipment Affect Your Health Down the Road

A long career in farriery means it is never too early to evaluate the tools and environment of your work
The conditions you work in can either support you in having a healthy, well-functioning body, or it can exhaust and possibly even harm you. While some aspects of the working environment might be out of your hands, taking thoughtful, respectful action may allow you to influence or even directly control many labor-saving variables.
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Horseshoeing Habits and Hardships

What You're Doing Today Affects Your Health Down the Road

Repetitive stresses, poor work habits and small injuries build up over time, creating damage you’re not aware of until it’s too late
Not visualized in the diagram, but located at the wrist, your median nerve supplies feeling and movement to areas of your hand. Neurosurgeon James Warson, horseman and author of The Rider’s Pain-Free Back, says he’s always mindful of what he refers to as the three basic principles of life.
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How Efficient is Your Shoeing Rig?

Improving workflow and organization with your shoeing body or trailer can result in longevity and financial benefits for your hoof-care practice.
The layout of your rig and accessibility of your supplies and equipment contribute to your overall productivity. Being efficient in your rig's design and use does more than save you time in your day and make things easier on your body.
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