Super Soaker

Tips, tactics and techniques for dealing with waterlogged hooves, no matter the environment
When people think about environmental factors that play a role in degrading the integrity of the hoof, most think about the things like rocky terrain, sandy oil and icy, slippery conditions.
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A Tip Of The Cap to You

Ninth Annual Farriers Week Offers Recogntion For The Hardest Working People In The Hoof-Care Industry
July is your money month. While many people are enjoying the summer heat and using it as a time of recreation, this is the time of year when you really start working extra hours and earning more money.
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Selecting the Right Shoeing Box

Picking the perfect shoeing box to fit your needs can save you time, money and labor
Much like a farrier’s shoeing rig, a shoer’s toolbox can become a personal statement. It’s a reflection of personal work style, shoeing technique and professionalism.
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Hoof-Care Industry Honors Halls Of Fame Inductees

Dedication and lifetime achievements are trademarks of the “Class of 2006”

Honoring dedication to the craft and life-long achievement of high quality work, the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame each inducted four dynamic professionals into their exclusive ranks during February.

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Heart Bar Shoes

Being Careful With Heart Bar Shoes

Applied incorrectly, the heart bar shoe can go from a life-saving therapeutic aid to a damaging piece of equipment

When the duo of Burney Chapman and George Platt popularized the use of heart bar shoes for foundered and laminitic horses in the late 1960s, it set off a firestorm of innovations and design-styles for therapeutic horseshoes that reinvigorated the hoof-care industry.

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Tracking, Treating and Thwarting Thrush

To effectively treat thrush, the farrier sometimes needs to play detective to ferret out the root causes of the bacterial infection

The smell says it all. The unmistakable rotting odor emanating from a hoof, usually accompanied by a black-colored discharge under or around the frog, deep sulcus, cracks or crevices within the hoof — these are the first tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with the organism, Spherophorus neaophorus, otherwise known as thrush.

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Ambrose Gordon

Modifying Keg Shoes: Special Cases Call for Special Measures

San Antonio area farrier makes the case for thinking outside the box and why you should keep your iron-working skills fine tuned

Ambrose Gordon, a farrier from Kerrville, Texas, located just outside of San Antonio, regularly does therapeutic shoeing work with veterinarian and boarded equine surgeon David Dutton from Hill Country Equine Clinic in Borney, Tex.

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