Hoof Beats

The Shape of Interference: 'Cow Hocked'

The shape of a horse’s conformation often dictates the form a hoof takes. A “cow hocked” trotter is one example. The hind toes are turned outward and the cap of the hocks are turned inward toward each other. This type of conformation will cause the hind feet to land wider than normal when the horse is in motion. 
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Hoof Beats

Hoof Beats: Managing Hoof Distortion in Performance Horses

Trim with the medial toe of the hind foot in mind and support the cannon
The balance and levelness of the hind hoof has been a key component of “clean” gaited horses for more than 100 years. Having read books written that long ago, I realized that they had many of the same issues back then that we still deal with today.
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Hoof Beats: Point Of View

Foal conformation can change depending on one’s perspective
Extreme weather like we have been seeing this summer can affect the horse's hooves mightily. Obviously, the most affected horses are those who are out in it more.
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