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The Hoof of the Horse Podcast: Dr. Ramon Batalla

In this episode of The Hoof of Horse Podcast, Ramón Batalla, DVM, APF-I, of San José, Costa Rica, discusses radiography and venograms in hoof care, as well as some personal insights and stories from his life in the industry.

How to Make a Concave Front Horseshoe

Jay Tovey, FWCF, of Bedford, England, demonstrates step-by-step how to make a concave front horseshoe in this video from Farriery Tuition.

Down & Dirty, Ep. 3

Heartland Horseshoeing School students continue their hoof-care education and the horseshoe sandwich contest winners get a chance to fly in episode 3 of Down & Dirty.

Thermoplastic Demo

International Horseshoeing Hall of Famer Hayden Price, DipWCF, GradDipELR, of Usk, Wales, demonstrates how to apply thermoplastic during a demonstration at Oakham Veterinary Hospital Equine in this video from Strömsholm Farriers Supplies.

A Mentor isn't Always an Expert

Daisy Bicking, DEP, APF-I, CFGP, CLS, CE/CI, of the International School of Integrative Hoofcare discusses six reasons why a mentor isn't always an expert.

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