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2020 in Review

Top 10 Articles from January 2020

The past year has been interesting, to say the least. While the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in restrictions in our daily lives, it also has been one of the busiest years within the farrier industry as horse owners spent more time with their mounts. With increased business comes a greater need for hoof-care education. As the year comes to a close, American Farriers Journal editors compiled the articles that you read most from each month in 2020.
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Horseracing Integrity Act
News & Notes

2021 Omnibus Spending Bill Includes Funding for Equine Legislation

Unsafe horseracing practices and "soring" are among the bill's appropriations
Congress passes omnibus spending bill that addresses a number of equine issues — including unsafe horseracing practices and “soring,” which is the intentional application of substances or devices to horses’ limbs to inflict pain in order to achieve an exaggerated high-stepping gait.
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Tips for Identifying and Managing Compassion Fatigue

Emotional highs and lows of caring for clients’ horses can take a toll
Missouri farrier Sydney Kotow remembers that one horse, that one case, above all others. Early in Kotow’s career, she was asked to work on Flash, a foundered horse. Kotow also holds a Bachelor of Science in equine nutrition and remembers thinking that through her nutrition and farrier expertise she could save the horse, or at least make it more comfortable.
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Tips for Pain-Free Arms

Hall of Fame farriers share how they keep their wrists and elbows healthy
More than 30 years ago, Roy Bloom set his sights on making the American Farriers Team. He spent a great deal of time in the fire to improve his skills, efficiency and time, all while shoeing full time. Then he felt it.
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From the Desk of AFJ

The Making of a Stand

Farriery is an ancient profession, to be sure. While balancing hooves with a trim and nailing on shoes remain the foundational tasks, there have been considerable advances in the industry. Many times, significant sacrifices are made to bring innovations to the farrier market. Some sacrifices are more significant than others.
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