Help Your Backyard Horse Practice Thrive With These Business Tips

Farriers share their insights on establishing a successful clientele
Backyard horses comprise a significant portion of some farriers’ businesses and can be a very successful and profitable part if handled correctly. Prince Frederick, Md., farrier Patrick Quinn didn’t aspire to provide hoof care for backyard horses, but this is often the bread and butter of a farrier’s operation.
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Protecting The Barefoot Horse’s Feet

Two studies from Western Kentucky University explore how hoof boots help barefoot horses
Although some would argue that going barefoot is more natural for the horse in the long run, the fact remains that barefoot horses still face many of the same health concerns that shod horses do — and perhaps are at greater risk for developing complications from walking on man-made or rough terrains. Yet when a client insists that their horse is better off barefoot, what can a farrier do?
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In Conversation With Arnie Gervasio

Tips, Stories And More From A Seasoned Farrier
Arnie Gervasio has been shoeing horses since the 1960s. Over those years, he has seen trends come and go, has worked in multiple disciplines and has built a successful multi-farrier practice. Learn more about his experiences by reading this transcript of "An Interview With Arnie Gervasio."
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Remembering Lee Liles

Members of the farrier community reflect on Lee Liles’ dedication, knowledge and friendship
Renowned farrier and member of the Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame Lee Liles passed away May 11, 2018, at the age of 68. He was well-known in the industry for founding and curating the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools, which he started as a private collection and expanded into a source of knowledge for the entire farrier community.
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From the AFJ Archives: July/August 2018

July/August 1982
1982 Article Overview Dr. Bill Moyer originally shared the ideas found in his article “Commentary On Racehorse Shoeing” at the 11th annual American Farrier’s Association Convention in 1982 in Valley Forge, Pa. When this article was published, he was on staff at the New Bolton Center in University of Pennsylvania. Moyer’s presentation and article both served to share his views on current and future shoeing methods for racehorses.
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PAST Act Could Spur More Changes

If enacted, legislation could eventually change shoeing for more than Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle Horses and racking horses
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have introduced legislation that targets the practice of soring. If the bill becomes law, it will fundamentally change how farriers shoe Tennessee Walking Horses and could shift into other breeds and disciplines.
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